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  • James MF James MF Oct 18, 2010 4:02 PM Flag

    Need FA/Trade help

    We don't have an IR spot in our league so I don't know how many you can have on there. I don't see Savard having any kind of impact this season, but hold onto him if you want to. Other notable guys on the IR who may not be owned by anyone right now include J. Staal, B. Campbell, A. Burrows, and A. Markov. If it's a keeper league, and he's available, find M. Streit and stick him in your IR.

    Couldn't tell you who to target at G without knowing who's available on FA. Much like what's happening in TB, Roloson/DiPietro are splitting time in NYI and that team should be better than they were last year; Bobrovsky/Boucher look to be splitting time until Leighton is healthy (I really have no idea how things will play out in PHI); and Niemi/Nittymaki are splitting time in SJ and each could foreseeably be good for 25-30 games (provided you think SJ is capable of winning 50-60 games this season; and provided it takes SJ until the playoffs to commit to a #1 starter).

    IMO, one guy on your roster who is over-valued by many is Alfredsson (his stats have been on a slow decline over the last few years) - and you already have Nash to throw in at RW. Try to package Alfredsson + Ellis to a team for someone like Rhinne or Halak, or one of Ward, Vokoun or Giguere - goalies on teams that should improve this season.


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