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  • Andy C Andy C Oct 2, 2010 1:53 AM Flag

    semin/kovy trade

    i get: mike richards/kovy
    i give: alex semin/paul stastny

    cats: G A P +/- PIM PPG SHG GWG HIT

    basically...i get G, PPG, and HIT...they get A, P, +/-...the other cats are close to a wash

    w/ no games played yet, it's hard to know needs, but i am severely lacking in hits

    fair trade for both sides? thanks

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    • Since your league counts hits, and ESPECIALLY shorties, then Mike Richards is the clear trump card. If that's Kovalev, then Semin's a hard sell though. I think the 2nd player on that side can be better. But if it's KovalCHUK, then it's definitely worth it.

    • Richards + Kovalchuk >> Semin + Statsny

      Richards + Kovalev < Semin + Statsny

      I had Richards on my team last year and was really disappointed with him, eventually dropped him - last year he was a terrific two-way player, but that made him as helpful in fantasy as Jordan Staal (i.e., not very). This year he's got more talent around him, guys like Giroux, JVR, Leino should be contributing more, and he's starting the season with Carter on his wing. Last year predictions were that Philly would be a great team; this year I predict they will *actually* be a great team.

    • Assuming that Kovy is not 'Kovy", who is Alexei Kovalev, and that you actually mean Kovalchuk, then I would choose the Mike Richards Kovalchuk duet here, and I find them to be a far superior option to Semin and Stastny heading into this season.

    • looks fair to me and id do it

    • No your side wins in a romp. It's actually disgusting how lopsided it it. Your valuing of Richards is really deflated because of how brutal Philli was last year, but this year is a bounce back year, where he as Carter on his wing. He'll be a point per game stud, and Kovi is Kovi. Your side has the 2 best players in a 4 player deal.


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