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    Please read this now, before the season starts and you jump off the handle and start posting on the board like an idiot.

    There are a few things that people most commonly freak out about on the massage board, but the two main one's that I will address are
    1) shutouts/missing points
    2) players not yet on IR

    (if anyone else has other common questions or frequently asked questions that they wanna answer now, please do...or if you have a questions, ask it here and hopefully someone can help you out)

    1) Shutouts/missing points - Countless times this season, you will find post reading "WHERE'S MY SHUTOUT?!?!?!" freaking out that their goalie got a shutout but it's not posted.

    I assure you, there is NOTHING to worry about. Many times, Yahoo is short a stat here and there, but 99% of the time, they fix it by the next day...and even if it's added a week later, yahoo will fix any scoring from that week that needs to be.

    Example: My dad lost to someone last year cause yahoo missed a shutout, but two days later, they awarded my father his shutout and they adjusted the scores and my father got the victory...

    so there is no reason to worry about a missing stat cause it will ALWAYS be accounted for.

    2) Players not yet on IR - This one is very simple. Yahoo will not, and never will post a player as "IR" until that team has first officially posted that player as IR. Once the team places him on IR, then yahoo will put the player on IR.

    Some teams take longer to put players on IR because they want to fully evaluate them first and make sure of everything.

    so now that you know, you don't need to make crazy post and losing your mind over nothing...

    Thank you!


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