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  • Matt B Matt B Sep 15, 2010 11:30 AM Flag

    Advice how to do Auction draft?

    I'm in a 6 team H2H Auction draft with people from work. I know its only 6 people but our rosters have been expanded to make up the difference.

    4 C
    4 LW
    4 RW
    6 D
    2 UTIL
    3 G
    5 BN

    I have never been in an Auction Draft EVER. We have $300 to spend what should i do?

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    • I would suggest nominating top end guys you don't really want early on to make others spend their cash.

      IE you might not want Joe Thornton, but he's still worth a goo 30$ to someone else. Or Gaborik, someone will take a shot at his groin.

      I've always gone for 2nd tier undervalued goalies guys like Rinne, Rask and Varlamov this year. So I would also look at nominating top end Gs early to boost up their price, Luongo, Brodeur, Miller, etc.

    • My advice would be: get in the game early. Be aggressive on some of the elite guys. If you don't have the cash to nab some of the later-round nominees, don't worry - there will be high quality left undrafted. But make sure you're active with the top-level talent, because those are the only guys who will give you an advantage over the rest of the guys that fill your roster.

      Also: target some of the top D-men. It's the only position where there will be a major drop-off between best and worst in a shallow league.


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