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  • Brock W Brock W Sep 2, 2010 3:08 AM Flag

    After Many A Mock Draft....

    Here's the real thing.

    Tell me what you think, please. 12 team. Head to head.

    C - Thornton, Savard, Conolly
    LW - Lucic, J. Jokinen, Huselius
    RW - Perry, Hemsky, Pominville
    D - Chara, Weber, Markov, Edler, Carkner
    G - Brodeur, Kiprusoff, Giguere

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    • Pretty average to slightly below average team. You defense is solid, but after that, I think your pretty average to weak at all other positions.

    • Weak team.

    • If it had nothing to do with getting in the playoffs, how did you measure how well your team did up to this point (since we haven't finished the season yet)? It's got everything to do with making the playoffs. We'll agree to disagree about whether or not it's my drafting or the rest of the league that allowed the team to make the playoffs (of course, I did join a standard, competitive, head to head league, just like any other regular league offered by Yahoo), but when you say it has/had nothing to do with making the playoffs, you just sound angry and stupid, like your avatar.

    • hey smart guy, it had nothing to do with the playoffs back then...no one knew 5 months ago you would in africa for 3 months and still be in playoff contention..that proves what a joke of a league you play in..how could anyone have know back then

    • Saved this thread all year long.

      And for all of you haters out there, guess what?

      Despite being in Africa from the beginning of October until the middle of December and not once updating my roster during that time, I still managed to squirm into the playoffs.

      Whatcha' got to say now, haters?

    • Brock..see its funny. Because all the Rate my mock draft threads ive made..you would say yourself..i like this team but concerned about injury prone players..

      Well it's a little different when it happens to you eh?

      To be honest, looking at your team. If they are all healthy..You got a top 3 team. I like your defense, and your goalies. Thornton - great, Perry - even better. Hemsky, pretty good. Pominville a great steal late in the draft.. Now, Savard still needs to heal from concussion, dont expect him to be his normal self till half way through the season..Connolly, i guarantee he will get injurd at some point in this season. Huselius was a great pickup. I dont really see what you see in J. Jokinen though..I really dont like him, despire his 60 points last year.

      All in all, I'd say try to improve, LW. And try trading either Savard, Conolly, or Lucic..If you want to keep Carkner you got plenty of PIM to go around through perry and so on that you dnot really need Lucic.. Try trading him.

      IF healthy top 3 team.
      My predicition though..You'll come in 5th.

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      • Some guys have a history of injury.

        Gaborik, for example. Alexander Semin. Martin Havlat would be another. Simon Gagne. Pascal Leclaire.

        Players like that when you're using them as your number one guy, I have an issue with. You'd best be taking out an insurance policy.

        Yes, Tim Conolly is definitely one of them. He's my third center though. If he gets hurt, what do I lose?

        Guys like Hemsky have no significant injury history. He's played seventy or more games in four out of his seven seasons. One that he didn't play seventy was his rookie year. And the other, he played over sixty. So, it's fairly safe to assume that last year was a fluke. Markov is similar. Lucic, he's been in the league for three years. You can't really tell if he's an injury guy yet or not. Concussion guys, I will admit worry me a little bit. But again, that's an eighty to ninety point player in the seventh round, not the second like Gaborik or third like Semin.

        I'll be the first one to admit, my left wings could be a little better. But, apart from Ovechkin, do you know how many left wings scored ninety points last year? Zero. Only five scored eighty or more. And after that, nobody had seventy or more. Huselius is gold at the end of a draft, notching sixty points. Maybe Jokinen has another thirty goals and sixty points. Or maybe Lucic picks up where he left off a year ago with a hundred plus PIMs and adds to that forty points. Point is, there's a backup plan if one guy fails.

      • 5th in the season i mean...Playoffs is anyones game..You don't really have pressure players though..

    • You fools, you fools.

      Do you not see the strategy?

      I automatically win in the assists, points and PIM category every week, along with goal-tending.

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      • Now THAT's a bit harsh: Asking for opinions and then call people who wanted to give an input fools. Why asking for advice when you're convinced that you're a genius? Or did you just post to boast? Well, your team is really not good enough for that purpose.

        I'm with the others: weak Fwds, solid in G and strong D. All in all I give you 5.5 out of 10.

      • this strategy won't work

      • 3rd overall - Brodeur... (Didn't want a center, there's tons of them. Until Brodeur goes down hill, he's still the greatest goalie of all time.)

        2nd round (10th) - Thornton (See, told you there's lots of centers. Tons of assists, other two players taken were E. Staal and Gaborik)

        3rd round (3rd) - Perry (Passed on Semin, St. Louis, Iginla and Nash. wanted the PIMs. I could see an argument for Semin, but he's an injury issue and according to everyone, I've already got enough of those. Iginla has no chemistry with Jokinen. Nash is the most overrated piece of garbage in fantasy hockey. Seven seasons, only one with seventy or more points)

        4th round (10th) - Kiprusoff (Wanted Bobby Ryan to go with Perry, but he got picked right in front of me. Figured I'd cement the goal-tending. Halak and Hossa went after my pick.)

        5th round (3rd) - Chara (Pronger and Boyle went right in front of me again. I'd have rather had both of those two, but they weren't an option. Gonchar and Lidstrom went later that round.)

        6th round (10th) - Weber (Kessel and Hiller went after him. Tyler Myers went earlier in the round. I might've picked Myers over Weber if he were available.)

        7th round (3rd) - Markov (He's a healing cyborg. Four seasons in a row, he was up around fifty or more points. Even last year he had thirty+ in half a season. He'd have been on pace for sixty. No serious history of injuries. E. Johnson went right before me. Didn't want him anyway. Rafalski went later in the round.)

        8th round (10th) - Savard (He's 80-90 points. C'mon. This guy is a huge steal if he's healthy. I'll admit, I am a little concerned about him being served up with Thanksgiving dinner as a leafy green though (vegetable, get it?). Plekanec and Kesler went earlier in the round. Elias went afterward.)

        9th round (3rd) - Hemsky (Looking at this one, I do kind of wonder, but then I look at the other guys taken that round. Brunette? Really? Penner. McCabe. Wolski. Smyth. The only guy I might have considered that went later in the round is Steve Downie, and that would have affected my selections in later rounds. Power-play guy.)

        10th round (10th) - Lucic (Hartnell and Raymond went beforehand. A. Kostitsyn and Ponikarovsky went afterwards. I'll take my chances and my PIMs with a healthy Lucic. I've still got an insurance policy though.)

        11th round (3rd) - J. Jokinen (Thirty goals and thirty assists last year. That doesn't count for anything in the 11th round? James Neal, Tomas Holmstrom and Brad Boyes went later in the round. Power-play guy.)

        12th round (10th) - Huselius (Twenty goals and forty assists last year. Been as high as seventy five, and around the sixty mark for the past four seasons. Power-play guy. Rene Borque, Mikael Samuelsson and Jiri Hudler (who I would've taken with this pick) went earlier in the round).

        13th round (3rd) - Pominville (Another sixty point or more guy for the past four seasons. Another power-play guy. Dustin Brown went afterwards.)

        14th round (10th) - Giguere (All the other starting goalies were taken. Ellis, Leighton, Elliot included... I wasn't going looking in NYI or EDM for a goalie. But, I definitely wanted a third starter.)

        15th round (10th) Carkner - (Does your 5th defenseman get 190 PIMs? When you've got Chara, Weber and Markov, do you really need him to get any points? Wisniewski, Hedman went before. Kubina went after.)

        16th round (3rd) Connolly - (Yes, he's always injured. I know. But when he's healthy, he's great. It's like Gaborik. He's also a power-play guy. Only other forwards that went afterwards were Gionta and Clarkson.)

      • Nothing is automatic. Especially your goaltending. They are all good, but also past their primes. I wish you luck, though. Maybe you'll prove us all wrong and look like a genius.

    • Sorry but this team does not make sense. There had to be better players available in almost every round.

    • Really not that great you are very week at forward IMO
      I just think you have to draft better players, plain and simple
      thornton-chara-markov-weber-kipper-brodie-perry are all nice
      Other than that you have lots of question marks and injury prone players.
      I know this sounds very harsh, but hey, only room to improve!
      Help with my post!

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      • So....

        You like 1/2 of my centers. 0/2 of my left wings. 1/2 of my right wings. 3/4 of my defense. and 2/2 of my goalies. That's over half of my team that you like.

        Hemsky is 65 points if uninjured. But, that's why I got Pominville, who doesn't get injured, and is still 65 points.

        Huselius is 65 points. Jokinen... We'll see, but he could be 65 again. Lucic... We'll see. Left wing is probably my biggest concern.

        And if Savard is healthy, that's 80-90 points from my 9th round pick. Connolly is pretty good too if he's healthy. But, I figured I might as well go for broke with the centers because I've got killer goal-tending and there's always a few good centers that pop up during the year.

        Does it make any more sense after explaining myself and providing stats?


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