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  • Nathan J Nathan J Aug 14, 2010 3:14 PM Flag

    Professional Help!! Zetterberg for Markov

    Iam in a 12 team Dynasty League, going into our 2nd year, draft day in a month.

    My Team:


    I have been offered Andrei Markov, 6th overall pick in our draft, and Krejci


    Zetterberg, 17th overall, Kulemin

    Points only league, is this a good deal to take? thanks guys

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    • I'd part ways with Zetterberg in a dynasty league for sure. You can still push the othe guy a little bit though. Maybe trying to keep Kulemin. He'll have good numbers this year, maybe even over his potential but TOR is still a mess it was last year. Kulemin will get good minutes there. Markov will solidify you D for a couple of years. His injury jinx should be over now. And Krejci is solid commodity for the years to come on a team that will do better now. I don't know what's still for grabs in your draft, but a 6th pick isn't bad either. There are a lot of young talent right now coming in.

    • I think you do this deal. Zetterberg is 30 in October and is considered a top forward but he never plays a full season and the team around him never gets younger. 2007-08 seems to have been an anomoly. He looks to be a 70-80 pt C, which Krejci is also capable of doing. Krejci is a young, quality C who will benefit from any shuffling of the Bruins centres - whether he stays or goes.

      Markov is 31 years old and he's a 50 pt D man, with at least half of his pts coming on the PP. He'll give you 3-5 more solid years. Markov replaces Souray on your roster and you're much better for it.

    • Kulemin is in for an uptick this season wit Ponikorovski leaving Toronto. Zetterberg is a top 10-15 forward, and they don't grow on trees. Markov is an excellent Offensive D...but I would NOT make this deal. If Souray is healthy he can out score Markov in goals and Streit is a nice complete scoring D also.

    • Besides the trade that was posted, Could anyone give me some input on my roster, where im weak, and how I can improve it? thanks

    • I take that deal. If the deal is Zetter for Markov and Krejci. I see very little value in Kulemin. I take that deal. Markov and Krejci were both hurt last last year, but a healthy Krejci can put up points like Zetter. Zetter hasn't come close to 90 points in 2 straight years. And he is only two years younger than Markov. Markov is one of the best D men and pp guy in the game. I do a little checking to see how health may be, but if looks like both are ready for camp, I warm up the bus. And also factor in that Turco is in net now. Zetter won't be having a gaudy +30 anytime soon.

    • Markov isn't worth Zetterberg anymore....His value is dropping big time with all the injuries...

    • No deal no way, fella. Hank Zetterberg is a consistent producer on a consistently good team. Markov is overrated in my opinion, and in keeper leagues, draft picks are nominal at best. Fantasy hockey is all about getting a few guys who fill the stats sheet and then fill the rest with fluff, dropping and hiring as needed. Hank is hard to beat at his position.

    • No deal keep Zetterberg!

      1st) Zetterberg has the potential to put up 80-90 points. And if Zberg gets LW status again this season like he had a couple years ago that can make him very valuable. Dispite Markov being a great point producing D-man the simple fact is he is an injury risk. And if P.K. Subban plays like he did in the playoffs, Markov may lose some ice-time. Plus you already have 4 D-men.
      2nd) Kulemin should be on TOR's 2nd line LW. And while Krejci may have a tad more skill the best he's looking at is 3rd line center in boston.
      3rd) As nice as it seems to move up in the draft in what I'm guessing is a deep league moving from 17th to the 6th pick is not going to make or break your team. You should be getting more in return for what he's asking!

      I say play it cool and say no thanks and if he's serious about getting zetterberg he'll make a better offer. What players does he have? What stats does your league count? How many players will you be picking? And what positions do you count?

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      • Thanks for all the input...

        Our league is straight points, G,A, 2pt for goalie win and an extra 3 for a shutout.

        16 team league, and I have 17th, 28th, and 53rd picks in this years draft.

        The other forwards on his team are: Datsyuk(hence why he wants Zetty), Eric Stall, fillpula, krejci, elias, Beodeker, and the rest is pretty much crap, He has a solid d core and good goalie.

    • This a tough call, Zetterberg is a 70+ game guy and depending on the year can snag you anywhere from 60 to 90 points, but I think he's more in the range of 70 these days. Markov who's only 2 years older can average you anywhere from high 40's to low 60's if he's healthy, but that's the big question.

      Krejci is a 50 to 70 point guy, maybe higher cause he's only 24 and will soon be the 1st line C in Boston when Savard packs up. Moving Kulemin shouldn't really hurt you because he's been pegged as no more than a 40-50 point guy in his career. If he continues with the leafs, that'll be certain. If you do the math, the point value is in your favour to make the move and you'd end up with a better pick at 6th.

      I think I'd do it, then wait till the season kicks off and if Markov gets hot like he usually does, trade him for a younger offensive D prospect. The fact that you are in a Dynasty League means you'll want to look out for the young guys.

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      • That is one thing I should have mentioned, depending on who his team is made up of, it could change things. The fact that he has Datsyuk already, would signal alarm bells to me. I agree with Liquid, if he really wants him, push to get more. But I really do think the point difference would be very close. As for Krejci, he isn't a 3rd line C, he's better than Bergeron and this year and most likely next he'll be the #2 center or spliting time with Savard, if he's back with the club. In a few years he'll be competing with Seguin for top line, so the competition will be great.


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