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  • NHLBaaloul NHLBaaloul Mar 26, 2010 12:45 PM Flag

    More luck than brains

    This fantasy hockey is more luck than skill.

    I have an amazing #1 team all year only lost 3 times all year and I play #8 who barely made the playoffs and he gets elliot&rask (his only 2 goalies btw) 3 sho's and pluggers outscoring my superstars.

    This is a joke, for those of you who don't mind having 'luck' the reason for your success Fantasy Hockey is for you. For those of you who like skill/talent to be the deciding factor...look elsewhere.

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    • 10 seconds I'll never get back from reading this whiner's post.

      Your sense of entitlement is mind-blowing!

    • here's the worlds smallest violin, playing just for you..

    • H2H has a lot of luck due to it being based on weekly matchups, but I believe the reason most people choose to play it is due to the competition it brings out between managers, and the fun with having a do or die situation in the playoffs.

      Roto takes more skill/knowledge/effort (whichever), as you have to constantly tweak and monitor your team to make sure you're up to speed with hot/cold players, and how your team is faring in multiple categories. I find it really interesting and a totally different than H2H, however, it's a slog and you have to be patient for the long haul.

      I enjoy both for different reasons.

    • No I traded him way back when Ward was healthy. Ward, C Mason and Hedberg seemed good considering 3 goalie stats vs 8 offense. But thats besides the point, I didnt lose cause of my bad goalies I lost cause he had LUCK on his side. Even if I had Brodour, Luongo and Nabakov instead of my goalies, I would have lost to 3W, 100%, 3 SHO - anyone would of lost. It's all luck in the end of the day.

    • It is luck, of course - but you should know that coming into the season. Nobody can anticipate an elite goalie giving up 5 on 15 and getting pulled, just as nobody can anticipate a lesser string goalie shutting out Pitt/Wash/Chicago, etc. Those instances though are few and far between, alot of it (with goalies in particular) comes down to reading when to pick up a hot goalie and move out a cold one, when to play an elite guy against a team he perhaps doesn't have a great record against. Etc, etc, etc.

      It sucks when it doesn't go your way, it's happened to me too, but I'm sure over the course of the season you probably get as much luck as your opponents.

    • Lets just say I had Broduer, Luongo and Nabokov instead of my goalies, I still would have lost...any goalies would have lost to perfect 3 games, explain that? only explanation - LUCK.

      and notice there are only 3 goalie stats vs 8 offense, Huselius is all of a sudden better than Crosby, Ovechkin and Kovalchuk combined. Again, not crying just proving a point that more luck than brains is involved in H2H Fantasy Hockey.

    • I agree it should be a series, that's the only way they could make things fair and really see who is best and has skill in these fantasy leagues.

    • I'm not crying, i'm just saying that this thing we all play all year (h2h) comes down to luck in the end. Luck beats skill/talent all the time.

      Elliot/Rask get 3 wins 3 sho's 100% SV% and Luongo gets .764 Sv% 0 wins and a hook. Tell me that is predictable and isnt luck.

      Roto is the real measure of skill.

    • The Penguins won the cup last year.......

    • Luck decides all fantasy sports at some point, sometimes it's in your favour and others it isn't. Maybe your opponent picked up Elliott and Rask at just the right time, decisions like that aren't down to luck.

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