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  • Silvan Silvan Mar 12, 2010 8:53 AM Flag

    Nash trade

    12 team Keeper league...some guy is offering me
    Matt Moulson
    Matt Carle
    Sergei Gonchar


    Rick Nash

    adding those the guys up they have siginifcant better numbers than Nash..but I'll have to drop a couple players to make room for them anyways. I'm hesitant b/c it's a keeper, and besides Gonchar i'm not sure if I would designate the other two as 'keepers' for next season. Maybe Carle, but Moulson could be a one-season guy.

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    • In my opinion you are nuts for even considering that craziness in a keeper!! In a one year league ya sure but not a keeper! Nash is a 25 year old superstar in his prime! Like the other guy said decline it and point out the idiocy in the guy offering this crap!

    • as bad a season that nash is having hes still a franchise player superstar in the league.not to mention you said its a keeper league; nash will be one of your keepers. hold tight with nash and maybe send the guy a reply and call him an idiot.

    • Absolutely no way do you do it, this is a classic case of quality over quantity - he's offering you absolutely nothing 'sure'; Moulson's the definition of streaky, Carle's seriously overrated due to his run earlier in the season and Gonchar's probably got one more season at the top before his decline begins. Do this in a keeper and I'll personally certify you mad.


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