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  • Shadow Shadow Feb 28, 2010 8:06 PM Flag

    This is to all the USA Guys making fun of canada

    What now JR Canada owned you!

    Im a fairly nice guy but when JR makes fun of Canadians(not just the team) than thats wrong. Saying that canadians live in igloos and say eh. Well we won so what now? you think your cool? Com mon make some excuses.

    It was a great game by both teams by the way!

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    • If you're American, how can you possibly say "we won"? Really?? Are you a traitor? They execute people for that....

      And aren't you the same guy as shadow, the one who claims to be playing Junior AAA while being 26, or are you both just 26, from Washington, and claim to be Americans who side with Canada? Hmmm....

      And learn to read. I NEVER made any comments about Canadians living in igloos. That was someone else.

      The Canadians played a very good game, as did we, and they unfortunately came out on top. But hopefully this tournament puts to rest the idea that Americans are inferior to Canadians when it comes to hockey. We scored when the chips were down and sent the game into overtime. Neither team was the better team in regulation. It took OT to decide the final, so obviously American hockey IS on the same par with Canadian hockey.

      But I will say that if Doughty had gotten the 5 minute major he deserved for throwing a punch in an international game, the outcome could have been very different.

      Other than that, props to the Canadians squad. They brought their A game, and both sides made it one of the best hockey games ever.

    • Most gold medals ever by a country at winter olympics i mean all da medals mean something but who remembers in 10 yrs who won bronze or even silver they remember gold.........thats all dat matters for a country with about a tenth of the us population to get the most gold medals....something else i noticed watching the game each time luongo made a save the us would crash da net even after the whistle went they still kept jamming at luongo....i didnt c canada doing dat...y? Well ill let u u.s. Guys figure it out.

    • winning a hockey game doesnt change the fact you live in ingloos

    • Hahaha start making up the excuses usa comon i wanna here them all!!

    • I think through all this, the one thing that has been seen and determined is that hockey is not a Canadien game anymore, it is a North American game. USA beat Canada for the first time in 50 years and hockey seems to have had a rejuvenation in the US with this. Also, the US does have one bragging point. More medals in a winter olympics than any other nation.
      While personally, I am fine that Canada won, I do just hate the it was Crosby. Just find him to be a whiny pain in the ass. But congrats to all. Good job teams Canada and USA.

    • Its all about the w and you won congrats but what a game eh

    • Lets compare; football, baseball, basketball and militarys.....hell we almost beat at your sport. If it was not for US some 3rd world country would own you by now!

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      • if you are gonna compare you should compare how much funding football baseball basketball and military gets funding
        we actually have other things to pay for such as health care
        which is no wonder why your prospects for those other sports develop so much better then up here
        as for your military i wouldn't brag too much
        last i heard MOST other countries hate americans
        i wonder why that is? i guess it must be the worlds imagination since americans are always right and decent people who help you and say thank you and please
        o wait i had you guys confused with a country that actually cares about something other then itself and its insatiable hunger for power and money
        i thought you guys were going to war because they had weapons of mass destruction or something like that?
        funny how they haven't shot 1 of those weapons of mass destruction that usa claimed they had and yet you guys are still in there, and none of these weapons were found
        and you should know china owns about 70% of usa's debt
        so they pretty much have you guys by the balls, have fun working as cheap labor to repay them after

      • Actually the only thing the American military has on Canada is that they have better toys. Every time there is a war games Canada wins. Last time they were played it was on American soil and Canada still kicked ass. You never see anyone get scared when the Americans are coming, including the Taliban. When the Canadians join the fight everyone gets scared.

      • Stop trying to change the subject we won.

    • haha i think he single handedly fought the entire canadian nation


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