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  • J.R. J.R. Feb 24, 2010 10:21 PM Flag

    Canadian Mass Suicides Averted!!

    Congratulations, Canuckleheads. Still in it......

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    • CANADA VS USA IN THE GOLD MEDAL FINAL! Couldnt have asked for a better game myself. Btw all US fans. Lets forget that loss we have to the US in the preliminary rounds and lets focus now. Ever since our game with Germany we have pretty much figured out or lines. After smoking Germany, then Russia. We have beat Slovakia and although Slovakia proved persistant. We now our back on top. USA WATCH OUT. Cause this time we got our lines figured and out. And Luongo to support us.

      Prediction: Canada beats USA 4-3 at the Gold Medal game on Sunday..

      LETS DO THISS!!!!!!

    • See, that's the type of bravado that makes us enjoy beating you SOOO much. You're already talking about beating us in a rematch and you haven't even played Slovakia yet! Most of you guys just assume you're entitled to the Gold, so you're just going to completely overlook the Slovaks, and focus your attention on getting revenge on us.

      That kind of cockiness is why they could beat you. They beat Russia in the prelims, took the Swedes out, and back in 2006, they went undefeated in the preliminary round in a bracket that included Russia, Sweden, and the US. You guys are mistaken if you think you just get an automatic win against them. They want their first Gold and are gonna come at you guys hard.

    • Doc? You're an idiot! Ya the clown who changed his name in your honor and said that shit is a cum stain his momma should have swallowed! I do have reference Doc! I am not defending him or his actions cause he totally crossed the line with the 911 comments! Some of the garbage you are spitting out is ridiculous and a waste of space on these boards just like alot of the other idiots "wisdom"! Just sayin you are a prime example of why the world views the "good" ol' USA the way they do but you are too blind and full of yourself to see that! Keep gloating cause you beat us in prelim game but now that it really counts you better watch out for the well oiled machine called Team Canada that is going to flatten you. I think you stupid idiots are doing all your gloating over a stupid prelim game cause you know we will squash you like we did the "mighty russians"!

    • Take it easy, Doc. You've got no frame of reference because of the deleted posts. Making 9/11 comments saying all Americans should burn, while sporting an avatar made to look like an Arab terrorist isn't cool. And neither are those who agree.

    • .....and the world doesn't invade us because they are scared of you! They invade you because they don't like you and leave us alone because we aren't you! We are who the world loves.....Canadians! If you have ever changed out of your gravy stained wife beater and done any traveling in this world you would know the world hates USA and loves Canada!!! You stupid moron!!!

    • Just giving the other team a little sh*t. You guys play hockey, right? You talk smack, you throw a hit in the wraparound, then you buy the guy a beer later.

    • The USA won one preliminary game against Canada. The fact that Canada is in the exact same spot as the USA is now only proves how meaningless it was. The Americans played decent, and Miller played great, and you won a game. Congratulations. The rest of the world has moved on to focus on the real tournament though. Preliminaries don't mean anything. Sweden got smoked 5-0 in 06 and won Gold.

      If I was an American, I'd be more worried about the Fins than Canada. They have the exact same team as you. A bunch of hard working NHLers, a few snipers and an insane goalie.

      The only test the US has faced so far has been Canada, and the only reason they won was Miller. Beat the Fins, then we'll talk.

    • Canada just need that game agaisnt Germany to tune everything. Know they are unstoppable .. and if it wasn't for Miller the game wouldnt have been close. and since we have Lu in net , no chance for you frigen americans!


    • and i take it you seen what we did to the Russians? Lol just imagine what they'll do to the wannabe American hockey players, LOL, i bet America doesn't even get a medal

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