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  • jtulpin jtulpin Feb 23, 2010 8:08 AM Flag

    Canada vs US game

    Im not one to create controversy or smack talk a bunch of strangers, but.......
    A poster by the name of muttenus is annoying the hell out of me.
    Everyone knows whether they wanna admit it or not that goaltending of BOTH teams won that game. Anybody who knows the game will tell you that. Its a fact. If you dont want to listen to me then go online to nhl.com or any other hockey website where there are professional analysts and such. You will see that they agree with me as well.
    As for all the smack talk Americans give, I don't understand why. The US won the game, yes, Canada lost, yes. Its funny that US wants to throw it in Canada's face. And then I read some say that Canada is sore losers and lose ungracefully. I don't know about anyone else, but I'd rather lose ungracefully than WIN ungracefully. It says a lot about who you are.
    Lastly, this was not the gold medal game. It just seems that most Americans treated it like it was for a medal or something. I only hope USA prepares themselves for the remainder of the tournament, and not suffer a hangover from the victory against Canada. Hasn't anyone ever heard of "Superbowl Hangover"? Or "Stanley Cup Hangover"?

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    • It was 1 game,usa won but wait till the rematch and i remember a few yrs ago when canada beat the states in baseball 8-6,the only thing usa won was a bye thats it,wait till sunday if the states can beat finland and canada can beat slovakia,then the winners can brag

    • Women won gold......against the chokicans....NOW IT TIME FOR THE MEN!!!!!



    • I was definately excited to see the US beat the Canadiens because of the rivalry, but the thing i cant stand with people and their smack talk is that they saw "we" kick your ass, "we" dominated you. If you didn't play in the game for the team you can't say we, cause you're not connected to the team in anyway other than you live in the country.

    • yea i agree. miller won them the game, but regardless they won. so props to them. be ready for the gold medal game US thats all i can say.

    • Great points it takes a team to win a game and the USA team was the best that day

    • so how come nobody's talking about that kesler vs. perry one-on-one?
      crunch time...no goalies involved...and the michigan boy delivers the goods.
      and how about drury's work on the PK? outstanding.
      wasn't just miller.

    • Miller to the rescue

    • Ok it obvious that Canadians have the best individual hockey players from top to bottom but its also obvious they are not a great " Team" no disrespect to the Swiss but it took Canada a shootout to beat them and they lost to U.S.A.. so there its true you have the best hockey players in the world and you should you grow up your whole lives playing hockey,,,but you don't have the best team and you wont medal Canadians......sorry...

    • hey Jtulpi if you don't like the facts then screw you. I posted facts and retorts to all the Canadians whining and excuse making. I made a simple post having fun and all your fellow countrymen started there mumbo jumbo you didnt beat us Miller did. Well he does play for Team USA right. Wilson's game plan was to pick your spots to attack which they did and scored 4 goals + an empty netter. The reason your team lost is because of there sense of entiltlement. Spoiled little prima donnas. They were out hit, out hustled and didn't do the little things it takes to win. Of course Canada has more talent but that doesn't always win. Here in the states we don't cry and make excuses we accept things and move on. I suggest you do the same. Because your post makes you look like a whiney little biatch

    • fact is, canada made the americans look like a bunch of ahl-ers out there, they will do the same to the russians(i know people wont like to hear that), fact is we have the best team by far, however hockey can be won by a few(or many) big saves and lucky goals

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      • canada has not won nothing yet
        5-3 USA USA USA
        we have bragging rights now and the easy schedule thanks to the
        5-3 USA USA USA win over canada
        to bad we wont see you in the medal round after russia kicks your buts. Canada is all shots no goals
        to bad so sad
        just keep telling yourself how good your team played and still lost 5-3 to USA USA USA
        lose gracefully and shut the hell up and stop making excuses how your team should have won
        should've could've would've you lost plain and simple
        go back in your igloo and shut up
        as far as i am concerned it was the gold medal game

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