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  • firefly44 firefly44 Feb 23, 2010 6:11 PM Flag

    Canada vs US game

    canada has not won nothing yet
    5-3 USA USA USA
    we have bragging rights now and the easy schedule thanks to the
    5-3 USA USA USA win over canada
    to bad we wont see you in the medal round after russia kicks your buts. Canada is all shots no goals
    to bad so sad
    just keep telling yourself how good your team played and still lost 5-3 to USA USA USA
    lose gracefully and shut the hell up and stop making excuses how your team should have won
    should've could've would've you lost plain and simple
    go back in your igloo and shut up
    as far as i am concerned it was the gold medal game

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    • that was a RR game, we killed the russians, and you would have to be kidding yourself if you say youve seen a hockey performance like that before, we made the russians look sick, and well do the same to the yankees. and by the way id skate circles around your useless american ass. if the states can beat the fins, well fuckin kill you guys in the final, but i honestly dont know if you will beat finland.


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