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  • acb acb Feb 23, 2010 8:48 AM Flag

    Canada vs US game

    You just cant be SOOOOOO one sided on this....either of you. Canadians were mouthing off before the game was even played...even before the olympics started. And so were Americans.
    Now, Americans are mouthing off...and so are Canadians.
    Jtulpin, dont be so surprised when people on these boards dont take your opinion as expert analysis...your not an expert, and neither is anyone else...so why get so heated over what everyone posts???
    But youre entire post is a contradiction when you accuse people of not seeing what the game really was, but only think the Americans are being "Ungraceful" about the outcome of the game. People on both sides are posting immature garbage, and if you cant even see that, why would anyone take your vision of the game seriously.
    Yeah, Muttenus is an idiot....no more than your countryman Orgasmoooooo.

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    • I didnt say I was an expert, I merely suggested absorbing what the experts are even saying. Heck even Brian Burke said in his post game interview that they (namely Miller) stole one on Canada's own soil.
      I do not condone what other Canadians post, nor have I posted anything ignorant.
      Lol, there was even a post somewhere about the Leafs best player being American but cuz its the Leafs, a Canadian team, they still suck. Well I'm a leafs fan, I bleed blue, but to whomever posted that should check out who coaches the Leafs, and better yet, see who is the manager of them. Anyone who doesn't know I would be happy to tell you.

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      • I posted that and if' you'd have actually read the post you'd realize I made the comment that just because Kessel is the best player on the Leafs DOESN"T make them an "American" team, in response to the guy who stated that because some of the best players on American NHL teams are Canadian that they might as well be Canadian teams. Don't take something out of context or misunderstand it and then repeat it like it's fact.

    • Breeds you can kiss mammie jammie.

    • And KidHockey, your not American, and not the first Canadian posing as one on these posts.


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