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  • c man c man Mar 1, 2010 7:11 AM Flag

    for all you trash talking Canadians

    Have fun with that silver buddy....Miller played his best and still couldn't win your talentless fucking country a gold. Canada clearly out played the US in every aspect of the game. The better team won buddy so you and the rest of you yankee fucks that read this can suck Babcock

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    • Someone obviously didn't actually watch the game....or any of them for that matter. Talentless? Really?? We took you to OT, pal. I'd say we did FAR better than the Russians.

    • The fact of it all is, this was the best hockey game ever! My bet was on Canada, But the gold for Americans may have brought this beautiful sport to a more respectful popularity count. Americans care mostly for what's only in their own frontyard. The Canadians will definately appreciate this win forever, in America maybe untill marchmadness starts or football season. Sports mainly in their own front yard. apossed to the best sport (IN THE WORLD) Hockey Go Hockey Go!!!!


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