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  • Adam P Adam P Feb 22, 2010 3:10 PM Flag

    for all you trash talking Canadians

    USA ALL THE WAY..........ha-ha Don Cherry has all Canadians brain washed to believe they are the greatest hockey players on earth..but reality is there's about 5 teams that are good enough to win gold...

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    • ... And the US isn't one of them!

    • Now see, you hit the nail on the head. There are several TEAMS that have a chance to win. I feel like these arguments arent falling in line with one another, that everyone is arguing different things.
      Ill make it easy...I think it is obvious who produces the HIGHEST NUMBER OF GREAT HOCKEY PLAYERS. Its Canada. The best player in the world isnt Canadien (although thats an opinion and is close whichever side you stand on), and I would even venture to say that the best goalie isnt even Canadian right now. RIGHT NOW. Brodeur may be the best EVER, thats not for me to decide.
      None of this determines whos national team is best...right now. I love our team in the US. But there is a reason why we were ranked where we were before the olympics started...we dont look as strong on paper. But, we have meshed as well or better than any of the teams, and that speaks volumes for USA HOCKEY, not just USA players.
      If you doubt that Canada has the most stacked team in the olympics, your kidding yourself.
      But there are a handful of TEAMS that are going to compete, and Canada is still one.


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