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  • acb acb Feb 22, 2010 11:54 AM Flag

    for all you trash talking Canadians

    No, Canada DID NOT DOMINATE THE ENTIRE GAME!!! The US DID NOT GET LUCKY!!! Did you watch it? The US got alot of good chances, and kept posession of the puck pretty well, and drew more penalties.
    I agree that Broduer can play better...but thats the case for every goalie on the losing end of a game. If I looked at all of the stats except the score after 3 periods, I would probably bet that Canada won...but saying that Canada "Dominated the entire game" is another way of being a sore loser.
    The Canadian team had trouble finishing, and US did better in that category...that was the difference.
    Your team is awesome and played well...but lost. Dont be ungraceful about it.

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    • You have to realize, breeds, that they have to rationalize it somehow, because in their minds and collective psyche they are so vastly superior to us that there is no way that we can possibly beat them. Which we did. Soundly. And now they can't handle that their godlike (in their minds) Canadian hockey team lost to the inferior Americans, which is what makes it such a sweet victory for us.

    • you should ask yourself that question : did you watch the game? Im not a sore loser. Just a realist. Put miller in canadas net and broduer in americas net and canada woulda spanked the u.s. Miller won the game. Period. In my opinion Brodeur and Brodeur ALONE let canada down. Credit him with some key saves but he looked very ordinary on the goals he allowed, as well as with his normally good puck handling abilities.


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