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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 9, 2010 5:39 PM Flag

    Add him? Use my waiver for him?

    John and SG, you guys are retarded if you are comparing those previously injured players to Horton......look at the supporting cast of those teams, they are alot better than what Horton has in Florida where they struggle to score goals.....besides Horton isnt the caliber of player as all those aforementioned players....he's not going to score 20pts/in 20 games....

    and i agree w the other poster about how it would be more beneficial to have someone producing pts now over the span of Hortons injury.....im not saying Moulson is that guy though

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    • Listen genious, all we're saying is missing a month doesn't mean the player will suck when he returns.

      Nice show of maturity though.

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      • its Genius smart guy and i am tired of anwsering to u 2 clowns who only started watching hockey when fantasy sports started.
        so go back to sucking your moms tit

      • first off, a fracture is a little different then a break, and this is his leg, not a foot. So his skating should likely be fine.

        I say Horton should be fine, but one really never knows.

        However, being out until the end of February does not mean the guy only has a handful of games left.

        Panthers have 21 games in March/April, so basically 25% of the season.

        Moulson seems pretty clear as the weak link on the original roster, but really now that you say Benn, it is clear you cut Benn and add Horton.

        Unless the league has 2 IR slots you couldn't truly "stash" Horton, but honestly the olympic break is at the end of the week and barring setbacks Horton should be ready to go shortly after the break. Horton seems like a lock for your roster with his C/RW eligibility.

    • neither am i. but i don't know who is available he never gave me a list of guys to pick.
      and those other guys broke small bones in thier feet and spezza sprained his knee
      Horton broke the bone in his leg
      and thanks for the support
      parents should really moniter the kids on the net.


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