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  • Walker Walker Feb 5, 2010 3:57 PM Flag


    In seeing everything go down with kovy in the last little while people should keep this in mind. The only thing that (in my opinion) is keeping kovy in the NHL is that he wants his name on the holiest of hockey grails, the stanley cup. If he achieves that in NJ you can bet he is probably heading back to the mother land come the summer time. He wants cap max on a 10+ year deal to stay in the NHL and since we now have a cap i do not believe any team will be willing to fork over the kind of coin he is looking for. The KHL doesnt have a cap and he will most likely find more money back at home, plus he will be able to back to his homeland and raise his family. He does seem like quite the family guy so i would imagine that if the devils win the cup, KOVY WILL GO TO THE KHL...............

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