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  • already have vokoun but my others are giguere and chris mason so trying to upgrade some there. would craig anderson be a possible

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    • anderson wouldn't be bad....
      a trade in my league a couple weeks ago was Dipietro + alffredson for anderson + vinny prospal

      I'd suggest including one of your goalies with spezza though....and request a player with whatever goalie you aim for....
      it's hard to value goalies against players straight up....so say spezza + mason for anderson + ________
      good luck
      also, if you only need 1 start....i'd def suggest trying to aim for a top goalie....say a miller brodeur nabokov lunogo type.....having a top goalie is probably worth a ton if only 1 start is needed........in a league where multiple starts are needed, more goalies are needed so the value of the lower goalies is inflated....hope that makes sense


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