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  • Chris C Chris C Feb 4, 2010 11:32 AM Flag


    so, you dont need some panicked quick help at all, you wanted other people to come coddle you and tell you you did a very good job. if that was what you wanted, post it saying "hey, look at the trade i just made, what do you think", not "OMG PANIC!! MY TEAM IS GOING TO FAIL IF YOU DON'T ANSWER ME RIGHT AWAY, EVEN THOUGH I ALREADY MADE THE TRADE!"

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    • wow, you need some serious help man! Go find your mother and tell her that your somputer time is up. You have used up your time for the day. Go take your ritalin and relax!

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      • Haha good one, you're so funny, but next time try caps lock next time, noone listens to you unless you use all caps. Also, make sure to ask if everyone thought that what you said was funny, cuz noone wants to do anything without having someone pat you on the back and telling you how great of a person you are. I just would like to let you know, that was a very good joke, and way to go on the trade buddy! You're both awesome AND cool!


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