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  • Jason T Jason T Feb 1, 2010 10:28 PM Flag

    Thanks to

    yeah but alot of times they tell me its too far down to see and to repost ive been asked to do that so once again your solution does not always work. read my "heres the deal post"

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    • Well thats what I do and it always works. You seem to be disagreeing now for the sake of disagreeing. There are people trying to put in their 2 cents for a solution that you so desperately want. Carolyn and myself gave you some good info that is very simple and easy to use. We get everything we need without jamming up the boards. You still disagree with us and tell us the solution doesn't work.

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      • my advice from the other thread....

        i post a question, i get some responses... sometimes i ask for more info in the same thread... if no one answers me i simply post (in the same thread) "any other opinions out there?" or "anyone else wanna weigh in" or "anyone else wanna add their 2 cents?"

        if no one answers after that you can bump the same thread again... just say "please i really need some help"

        it will get a better response out of people than clogging the boards.

        once people notice you on here a lot you build relationships & people will like to help you...

        trust me, there are AT LEAST 10-20 regulars on these boards every day. they will help you if the have an answer.
        some people give simple answers some people give explanations. thats just the way it is.

        u can also ask a question and say "please explain" or "who would you prefer and why?" BUT you will still get some one word answers


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