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  • Kev Kev Feb 1, 2010 12:59 PM Flag

    Brodeur needs to retire...now

    Those shutouts were ok, but they were offset by Carey Price playing like a 12 year old house league goalie.

    I'm just venting guys and I am a really good troll :p

    I do have Brodeur on the trading block though, but this late...I won't get anything good.

    I have Brodeur/Kipper in net right now we count Wins, GAA, SV% and SHO

    The last 3 weeks I have got 1,2 and 2 wins from the duo. I think I have every right to vent after that. You would expect a minimum 4 a week from them given the condensed schedule that has every team playing 3-4 times every week to accomidate the Olymipic.

    From those 2, I want 4-5 wins every week out of the 7-8 starts they make. I really don't think I am asking too much.

    I might be a troll, but I don't run and hide :p

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    • Fuck, you have no idea what you're talking about. Completely ignorant.

    • Don't feel too bad... I have Tim "Vezina" Thomas and his (superior, but not by much) tandem partner Tukka Rask. Last week? a combined ZERO wins. My man J. Quick singlehandedly kept me in the running and tied my opponent's 4 wins all by himself. If I hadn't made the old 'borrow Pekka Rinne for a game and see what happens' scene, I would have even contended on SV%.

      Been a weird goalie year for sure...

    • stop crying its your fault you drafted an old golie, one thats on a team with no offense, and a 21 year old that hasnt proved hes good enough for the AHL!

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      • Well Carey Price did win a World Junior Gold and Backstopped the Hamilton Bulldogs to the Calder Cup as a rookie. I remember it well, I live there. Although I don't attend minor league games.

        Price just needs more time to develop, it's not uncommon for goalies to not develop till their mid to late 20's. Price just showed so much billiance at such a young age that it made you think he would be something special. So much for that thought...

        I got brodeur 30th (R3) and I got Price 86th (R7)

        I don't think I took either too high. I think that at the time of the draft, I got great value for those rounds.


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