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  • pookie pookie Jan 20, 2010 5:40 PM Flag

    Huge Trade, need help plz

    I am offering
    Crosby (Pit - C)
    Malone (TB - LW)
    Robidas (Dal - D)
    Quick (LA - G)
    Sharp (Chi - C,RW)

    for his
    Thornton (SJ - C)
    Nash (Clb - LW)
    Keith (Chi - D)
    Miller (Buf - G)
    Kane (Chi - RW)

    Who wins in this trade? thanks for the help

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    • Anyone else see it like me?

    • basically the way im looking at it to justify it is that thornton is riding a really hot start from when he played with heatley and marleau all the time and mooched off them, now they barely play together, just on the powerplay sometimes and this has shown in his numbers, they have greatly decreased lately. Then you have Nash who plays for arguably the worst team in the NHL and is a minus magnet which greatly negates his goals, which he has been lacking as of late anyways. Then you have Keith and Kane who are solid but could also go a bit cold if Chicago starts to struggle. And Miller who is an amazing goalie but he does play for Buffalo which is overachieving alot at the moment and you never know how long they can keep it up.

      On the other hand I am offering Crosby who is arguably one of the best if not the best player in the NHL at the moment (he has only 2 points less then Ovi to all you Ovi fans like myself). Ryan Malone who is having a great season playing either with St Loui and Stamkos or Lecavalier and Downie which are both very solid lines. Then Stephan Robidas who is only a few points behind Keith and one of the best defenders in the league points wise, last I checked he was leading the stars in +/-. Along with Sharp who is on the same line as Hossa and Ladd which has been on par with Chicago's top line recently in point production and on top of that he plays both C and RW giving him the potential to play more games then a single player. And to cap it off there's Johnny Quick who is having an amazing season among a talented young LA team who lead the division for some time and he was second in wins amongst all goalies last week when i checked, plus there are rumors that LA are the front runners to get Ilya Kovalchuk before the trade deadline which would further solidify their position as a competitor for top spot in the division.

    • not even close your giveing up Crosby and Quick (if he can stay consistent and Sharp the other 2 are haveing career years and may slow down where as the players your getting back are all proven elite players....the guy would have to be a idiot to accept that replace Malone with someone proven and maybe it'll be accepted

    • it prolly wont get accepted, but if it does then your winning that trade

    • No way in HELL he's accepting that!

    • This is so one sided in your favor as others have said. You're giving up 1 elite center, 1 above avg d and 1 good goalie for 1 Great center, 1 great LW who just has a terribad +/-, the best goalie in the league this season, a great defenceman and one of the best RW in the league.

      The other way to look at it, if someone offered this to you, and you were on the end recieving Crosby, would you accept this?
      I know i certainly wouldnt.

    • You are overvaluing Crosby by the looks of it. If I was on the receiving end you would not be even close to a deal.
      I just traded Crosby, Wolski, Rinne, Chara for Malkin, Kovalchuk, Hiller to give you an idea of a trade including Sid that was accepted..........

    • Thats a terrible offer, but good luck. If it goes through, you win....by a lot.

    • other than giving up crosby, it think it is a pretty good trade. try it.

    • Won't get accepted, try replacing Malone with a superstar ish player and it might work but I still think you'd be short. You're basically trying to get five sick players for crosby and quick, the others are just throw ins as far as the quality of his team goes


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