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  • John W John W Jan 11, 2010 10:51 AM Flag

    Good Trade?

    I completed a trade today thinking long term goals. I'm in first place, have been all year and whether I'm the 1 seed or not, I'm making the playoffs. I proposed a trade to one of the teams trying to make the playoffs and it got accepted

    I got:
    Simon Gagne
    Marc Savard

    I gave:
    Ryan Malone
    Maxim Afinogenov

    My thoughts on proposing this were while I lose a player for 4 weeks with Savard's injury, come March and the playoffs, I get an elite Center when it really counts. Gagne has been looking better and better, and I think he's ready to really turn it on. Malone's production has been on the decline, and while Max is still at roughly a 75 point pace, I'm thinking if Kovie gets moved at the deadline it'll really hurt Max's production. The other manager really had to take it, because with Savard out 4 weeks, he likely would not have a chance to get into the playoffs, he needs healthy, productive players

    Good trade? And was my reasoning sound?

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    • you got savard, who actually won't be back for 6 more weeks (olympic break) and you're expecting him to be able to turn it on for that last month, also you're assuming that kovalchuk is going to be traded at the deadline(which is a possibility, however the more likely scenario is he doesn't sign with anyone and he goes to the KHL next year), on those grounds alone i wouldn't make the two person trade, getting rid of malone is good cuz yes he's cooled down and gagne has been looking good, so in reality you're getting one player who is slowly getting points and you're losing a hot player and a so so player for 6 weeks, not a trade i'd make, i'd rather try and get first and face off against the weaker last place team come playoffs

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      • Uhh, what does it matter if I'm losing Savard for 4 or 6 weeks when the difference between those 2 time periods there are no games played?

        Not to mention, while Afinogenov is a productive player (I'd hardly call him hot anymore, he had 1G, 0A, and was -5 last week), his +/- is a problem and he has gotten more and more streaky each week, usually going multiple games with 0 points, which isn't good in a H2H league.

        I can pretty much guarantee Gagne outproduces Afinogenov from here on out. And there is no question Savard will be better than Malone in March.

        Yes, losing Max is a production hit, but you have to give something to fill needs, and I'm pretty well set at RW w/o him. You can't always manage for the present, sometimes you have to look at the future.


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