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  • Jeff M Jeff M Jan 9, 2010 2:59 PM Flag

    2 Important Questions!

    1.In a keeper league would you trade your Jarome Iginla for someone elses Patrick Kane?

    2.In a keeper league If you had Kane would you accept the offer of Iginla for Kane?

    Basically right now in my Dynasty League i am thinking about offering Iginla for Kane. Based on the fact that Iginla is 33 or 34 and Kane is 21 don't you think it would be a good idea to possibly snag Kane for Iginla while he is still productive? At his age right now i can only imagine that Iginla will only have a few or so more seasons of putting up solid numbers. Thinking long-term for a keeper league, don't you think it would be a smart decision to lock up a young RW like Kane or Perry while i have the chance given the fact that they will have more time left on their hands in the league than Iginla? Any input or feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

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