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  • Greg F Greg F Dec 9, 2009 1:26 PM Flag

    Player positions

    Hey everyone,

    trying to get a consensus on an issue that just came up.

    We started our H2H league (very small, only 6 of us from work) with the following positions available to play each night:

    3C, 5W, 4D, 2G

    So after the draft we each had 20 players or so. We each drafted an extra goalie and defenseman.

    Now a couple of people are dropping D for C or W, saying each position is entirely optional.

    Am I missing something here? Does anyone else play with *optional* positions? I'm saying you NEED to have 4 D available on your roster. This is not an optional thing.

    I have the weakest D in the league so what's stopping me from dropping all of my shitty players and cycling in wingers each night? I don't get it.


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    • screw the consensus, it's the commish's job to decide.
      but if the commish didn't make the rules clear from the beginning, not much he/she can do now. not good to change rules during season.

    • If they are dropping D-Men (open D spot) for an extra W or C its a strategy I dont like at all. You're loosing pooint every night depending on who your defenseman are...

    • My league is set up like this

      To Play each night..
      2RW, 2LW, 2C, 4D, 2G, 1UTIL... then there are 5BN spots & 2IR

      You can play whoever can fit on your roster each night... I guess if u fill your bench with wingers its a personal choice.

      I try to bench 1 alternate for each position unless I am REALLY strong in a position. If i have 4 star D then maybe I wont have the 5th guy to bench... But then if my 4 D arent playing I dont have that 5th guy as an option either...

      Hope that made sense....

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      • *clarifying my post...

        I like to have an alternate for each position so that I can rotate guys in & out if some have games while others dont on a given night.

        It can be an advantage to carry an extra forward to get you more points than carrying an extra D man can...

        Some people just roll with 2 Gs instead of having a 3rd G benched to pick up extra points with a forward...

        Its all a preference...

        Hope I made some sense
        : /

    • I currently have 4D places but play with 3D and have an open spot each night because i needed to pick up another goalie. The only problem about playing with less defense and more forwards is that each night a lot of your wingers are going to be on the bench and its going to be harder to pick the right wingers or centers to play, but it really depends on how bad your defence are how much you'd be able to upgrade on C or W.

      if its going to be more advantageous for you to cycle in wingers and centers then i say do it, but remember, your going to have to bench a fair amount on nights when many teams play and youll end up having open spots in defense where they can possibly get you stats like +/- or SOG or Pims


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