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  • Anthony Anthony Nov 23, 2009 4:57 PM Flag

    Who To Pick Up? and I NEED BIG HELP.

    I have one empty spot on my roster and I need to know who to pick up.

    C - Reinprecht(10G 7A 7+/- 4 PIM 2 PPP)
    LW - Perron(9G 4A -1+/- 14 PIM 2 PPP )
    are the 2 players that have the most goals on FA list

    C - Ryan Kesler(5G 14A 1+/- 16 PIM 8 PPP)
    C -Tim Connolly(4G 13A -6+/- 2 PIM 10 PPP)
    are the 2 players with the most assists on FA list

    and my roster is

    C - Evgeni Malkin
    C - Henrik Sedin
    C - Vincent Lecavalier
    LW - Daniel Sedin
    LW - Milan Michalek
    LW - Paul Kariya
    RW - Brad Boyes
    RW - J.P Dumont
    RW - David Backes
    D - Dan Boyle
    D - Jason Demers
    D - Mark Streit
    D - Tobias Enstrom

    Help is greatly appriciated. If anyone has any good trade's they think I could offer and get that would be great to. I'm in like 9th place and I really need to turn it around.

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    • Why are you hanging on to all those Blues? They aren't getting you enough points man, go get guys from teams that are winning, rip yourself off or trade away the farm and get 1 good player. Backes, Boyes and Kariya should all be gone.

    • You're welcome - glad to help if help is apprechiated :) Good night

    • Thanks a BUNCH Wotan! I really hope so and yes I'll definitely see what I can do about maby getting Knuble. (:

    • Yea, maybe Backes for Knuble - if the other guy has still faith in Backes... Or JVR for Knuble, but that would maybe being ovverpaying a bit. Maybe JVR and Demers for Knuble and one of his better Dmen should be fair....

      I'm going to sleep now, it's past midnight here in Switzerland now... I'm shure the moves you did today will help you lots over the long run. JVR and Clarkson are really great pick ups! CU

    • ryan kesler. picked him up myself. TOI is increasing, and is even getting some time on 1st line. power play time helps too

    • Haha! Very nice. Yeah well, what I did was drop Kariya for JVR so I don't have anything to throw with demers to try and get Knuble, any help there? Maby backes?. I also noticed Brenden Morrison and Evander Kane were also on FA. I am pretty stable on C that guy said so maby out of the quesiton? and Kane is LW

    • You're welcome. :) If you have a decent replacement on D, it's worth a shot. Maybe he would even give Knuble for Kariya alone - just try. On D you could also go for a PIM-only guy, there's less lost than if you have such a guy on a FWD position. E.g O'Brien helped me quite a bit last year - or Carkner could even be a better option this year... Have him collecting some PIms for you and than it doesn't hurt to drop such a guy if something tempting shows up on waivers/FA.

      I'm in my sophomore season now, so not too experienced, either.. But I spend (too...) much time thinking about the fantasy league. And it payed out last year (1st of 12) and I don't seem to be too wrong this year either (also 1st of 12 so far...). But I'll stop boasting now ;)

    • No man I wouldn't blame you for that, You've been great help actually. This is my 1st year in Fantasy so I;m still really kinda new to how to look at teams and players and different ways to go but like I said thanks. You've been alot of help.

      I'll give up whoever as long as I can turn my team around.

      I was thinking maby give demers and kariya for knuble? maby a good trade?

    • Excellent pick up! He's one of the most valuable power forwards today! Wished he was an FA in my league too... I'd say you could spare Karyia, Michalek, Boyes or Demers - they're all more or less replaceable. However, they won't get you much (maybe enough for Knuble - just try) and I take it a guy like you from St.Louis wouldn't like to part ways with Karyia or Boyes...

      Hey but don't blame me for anything afterwards - that's just what I would do... :)

    • Clarkson was on FA suprisingly so I picked him up, he will start up tommorow so now that maby makes getting Chara or Knuble easier because I'll have an extra to give away?

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