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  • Pete Pete Nov 20, 2009 1:10 PM Flag

    Which RWs

    Currently there are many good RWs available in my (12 team roto) league. I'm already packed on this position - which ones would you take?

    I currently own Ryan, Selanne, Hemsky, Fleischman and picked up Knuble to fill my IR slot.

    However, someone just droped Dumont and Briere is still available, too (I don't need his C-eligibility tough - I already have Getzlaf, Kopitar and Miiko Koivu...).


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    • It is impressive for sure. Me - Right now I am wishing I had Bryzgalov. Who would have thunk that when he backed up Giggy in Anaheim :)

    • Yes, you're right. And I'm aware that Varly hurts my GAA a little but on the other hand he has hardly lost a game in the NHL so far and gets me many wins - he's an incredible 12-1-0 in his carrer...

    • Aye - I love Luongo in Vancouver. Hiller seems to be #1 in Anaheim and although Varly's been shakey we saw in the play oiffs last year that he has the potential. My concern with the capitals is that their offense is so good they don't feel the need to play defense ;)

    • Had a similar problem last year with my Gs: I drafted Legace, Gerber and Leclaire which was terrible. So I gambled with some rookies and had the pleasure to watch my new unlikely/unproven/unheralded trio of Hiller, Rinne and S.Mason winning the league for me by a mile...
      This year I'm owning Luongo, Hiller and Varlamov which is decent so far...

    • I've been right - I've been wrong - I dropped Briere too when he was out and then picked him up again in 3/4 teams. I just couldn't see my way clear of dropping a hot Horton in the last team.

      Then again you are taking advice from a guy who hurried to get the hell rid of Anderson at the start of the season because of Colorado's poor track record last year - and well you know how that story ends. Then again I managed to pick him up in another league.

      Having Brodeur,Nabby and Anderson to choose from on the same team on any given night sends shivers of pleasure down my spine ;)

    • I have to ad: Briere is on FA now because I put him there... Gembled on him too and then wanted to pick up the injured Knible to fill my IR-slot and had to drop someone which turned out to be Briere... If he clears waivers I'll probably pick him up again and drop Fleischmann (who I picked up for the time being after having put Knuble on IR... Maybe you're right and I should be alittle more patient with Briere - and finally: I like gambling too... :)

    • I've got Briere in several leagues and he isn't exactly repaying me in kind for the confidence - But I'd dump Fleishcman too - I know the LW/RW is nice, and that he is getting time in the top 6 with recent injuries to the top 6 in the capitals. But he is most likely a case of sell when hot. He will cool off and be forgotten.

      I'd say Dumont is a safer bet for steady production than Briere who is streaky right now and not really 100% - he seems to be having groin issues. I think though, that if Briere gets it going he will out produce Dumont enough to make it worth the gamble. At least it is what I am betting.

    • I would junk Fleishmen and pick up Briere


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