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  • The guy has had a pretty horrid start and was just dropped in my league. I'm in a league with 3 starting RW. I currently have Semin, Hemsky, and Afinogenov as my starting RW and Bertuzzi as my bench RW. Should I drop Bert and pick up Havlat? Bert hasn't been producing much either, but he's playing on a line with Datsyuk, and he's been getting a ton of chances. He also has RW and LW eligibility.

    I'm having a hard time letting Havlat sit on the waiver wire, but I also think with the chances Bert is getting with Pav as his center, he might go on a run, plus Detroit has a much better team than Minnesota.


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    • Thanks for the replies guys. I'm still torn. If Bert weren't with Pavel it'd be a no brainer. It probably doesn't even matter, because I'm 10th outta 10 teams in waiver priority, but I'm not so sure he'll even get claimed. I had the 6th position but I grabbed Souray a week ago, his previous owner kept him all this time, then dropped him a week before he came back, lucky me!

    • This dude one night is like a cold shower and then the next night hes like a nice hot cuppa...

      He had 8 SOG and then 0 SOG in his past 2 games....hes been demoted from Koivu's line, and i feel until he finds his way in this "NEW" Todd Richards system (which hasnt really worked yet), then he wont be an elite fantasy player for anyone this year...but his pedigree doesnt allow him to stay a FA in any league larger than 8 teams...

    • I picked him up off waivers...it hasn't paid off quite yet, but he's only a -2 since I got him.

      If you have a bit of depth to wait on him, do it. However, Bertuzzi is on a much better team and line, plus he'll get the PIMs. At this point I probably wouldn't, but it's hard for me to say that when I already did. :-)

      I believe Havlat is good for 55-60 this year, so he'll have to pick it up at some point.

    • i would pick him up, he is bound to pick it up. Big Birds tear will be weaker than Havlat's tear if he picks up.


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