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  • sSudDs sSudDs Nov 9, 2009 11:58 PM Flag

    Craig Anderson

    is he all hype or worth the trade???

    i need to trade for a better goalie since khabby is not doing anything for me - i was considering trading for anderson but i wanted to know if u think his hot start is just in fact a hot start

    i dont think that colorado can hold up and i will prolly lose come playoff time but that's far away....

    is he worth the trade???


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    • anderson is a good goalie,

      prblem is i don't think colorado keeps this up. however, ride the hot hand until it cools off or trade and get something of current or longterm equal value,.

      answer 3-5 questions before you post make these forums better

    • Is he worth it? Absolutely. Will you have to pay top price? Without question. You should have pounced on him a few weeks ago.

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      • i wouldnt trade for him, actually hes the opposite of who id trade for, hes a lesser name putting up great stats, that equals overpaying for someone who wont continue with their current production. you should try trading for a 'name player' who struggling, maybe steve mason, you should look at some of their track records, its only been 5 weeks out of 22, some stars dont hit their stride till january or even fantasy playoff time, the key is gathering up stars while you make your run at the playoffs then have them peak while your in the playoffs. good luck.

    • I am trying to get him, but only has my third goalie. He is a great goaltender, but Col. cant give you all the wins you will need

    • These comments are all accurate. If you can get Anderson at a reasonable price, he should produce fairly well for you. His win/loss ratio will inevitably decline but he is good, and he will get good peripheral numbers. I wouldn't give a top 3 round pick for him, but he will be better than most goalies.

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      • I think your going to have to offer more than the boulin wall to land Anderson at this point. He's one of, if not the main reason the Avs are where they are in the standings. Like others said, the Avs will drop....but unless the wheels come totally off, they will be in the playoff picture and Anderson will be a big for that.
        If you can trade for him (and use boulin) do it!

    • i think he's last years Mason and the year before that's Leclaire.

      Will play well. Fight for a Vezina spot. But Colorado will not keep this up.

    • no, i wouldn't trade for him. his value is at an all-time high and this would be the worst time to try and make a move. he'll keep a solid SV%, but i have a feeling he'll fade (and colorado too) as the season wears on. this is his first time as a full-time #1 goalie. he WON'T be a bust though. expect 30 wins, 2.60-2.90 GAA, around .920 SV% (this is his strong suit).

    • he is actually an amazing goalie, he's always been and now he's just showing it with colorado. you cant go wrong by trying to aqcuire him but be prepared to pay a heavy price for him. if i were you i would go after a different goalie that you can get for cheap right now, Backstrom or Thomas


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