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  • Carolyn L Carolyn L Nov 6, 2009 4:09 PM Flag

    The Time has come....

    Im dumping Avery.... and Backes

    Torts is killing me by not giving Avery time on the ice.
    When he's out there he's good. I dont know what the problem is.

    And Backes.... I just cant keep this bench warmer around anymore.
    Every time I play him he manages to get me negative points...


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    • Morrison only played with Ovie for a brief time, Ovie is mainly playing with Backstrom and Semin

      Dominic Moore is a bum

      Demitra is expected to be out for the entire regular season

      Your advice is definitely lacking

    • I just always hesitate to make the moves. I think that as soon as I drop someone, somebody else will pick him up and he'll get hot, or on the flipside, the person I pick up will be junk and in hindsight it will have been a bad move.

      The two I was looking at was Tanguay and Voracek for McDonald and Ruutu. Or at least Voracek for McDonald for the time being.

      Also, who do you think is more valuable, Suter or Wisniewski?

    • lol i can't be right every night man. I played huet and smith when they both bombed out on me. Just use your intuition. Neal, Peverley, Del Zotto, they're all great pickups so it's not like you don't know anything.

    • Well, Mike . . . since you were right on EVERY account last night - which two would you say to pick up?? Although I was waiting to see how Ruutu did tonight and thus far he's got an assist.

    • I'd drop them both ideally and if you don't like the idea of dropping McDonald, you can always grab him again when he gets hot.

    • Tanguay, Voracek, Hagman, and Wisniewski are the most intriguing to me.

      Tanguay is in a similar situation to Brad Richards and it looks like he is starting to return his form from Colorado and if he can do that we're talking 70-80 pts for Tanguay. Good news for him, he's seeing a lot of PP time with Stamkos, Malone, St. Louis, and Lecavalier.

      Voracek has been hot lately and he is getting tons of ice time lately. I remember last season he only had like 10 minutes a game so this could easily be a breakout year for him. He's also young so his upside is huge.

      Hagman is intriguing because he's such a smart player and is so underrated in toronto and back in dallas. He has a good set of hands, can score, can skate, can pass...arguably the best leafs forward this and last season. I can easily see him being a 30 goal scorer and put up points when Wilson finally plays him with Kessel...lol

      Wisniewski looked good during the playoffs with San Jose and he looked great this season too playing with Niedermayer. He gets like 25 minutes a game! I actually picked him off FA earlier in the season but dropped him when he got injured for Tyler Myers. I'm thinking about picking him up again too as soon as I see him play after coming back from his suspension.

    • And drop who? Ruutu? McDonald?

    • What exactly do you expect out of Avery? He's a mediocre player who is good at inciting other guys. He can't hit or fight, and when he's doing his job right, he won't get PIM. He's Jarkko Rutuu with better English. Backes will come around, but he's been terrible, I agree

    • definitely fleischmann would be a good pickup

    • Oh yeah, and Fleischmann is an FA too.

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