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  • aj_ranger aj_ranger Nov 5, 2009 4:18 PM Flag

    Lundquist for Bryzgalov?

    Bryz and Frolov shouldn't get you either of those guys to be honest, especially Hank. Frolov's in the doghouse and can't be a sure shot for anything, whilst Bryz is an average goalie on a poor team going through a good spell. Lundqvist and Thomas are top level goalies that are consistent, I wouldn't trade either for that package.

    What's the rest of your team like?

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    • I wouldn't trade Lundqvist for that junk either. You might try for Hiller or Huet or Khabi straight up. That's probably where he slots. You could try for Vokoun, a really good goalie on a horrible team, but coming off back to back shutouts his owner probably wont be down with that trade.

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      • lol Huet, khabi and Vokoun are all FA...screw that i rather have bryzgalov and C. Mason over those guys.

        And my team is this.

        F. M. Richards
        F. B. Richards
        F. Iginla
        F. Tavares
        F. D. Brown
        F. Spezza
        F. Samuellsson
        D. Boyle
        D. Goglinski
        D. Suter
        D. Bieksa
        IR. Kovulchuk
        IR. Pavelski
        G. Fleury
        G. Bryzgalov
        G. C. Mason