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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 3, 2009 11:42 AM Flag

    Krejci, drop or trade?

    wtf is up with David Krejci? 73pts last year and now like 5pts? should i drop him and pick up Reinprecht 12pts or Lombardi?

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    • As an addition to my last post. Claude has just reunited the outstanding line of Wheeler-Krejci-Ryder from last year. I would wait on dropping Krejci until after seeing how this line looks.

    • Man, this is one guy who has just stumped me. I watch the Bruins every day, and he seems to be playing better, but no results on the score sheet. I was thinking that the injury to Savard would have allowed Krejci some more time to shine, but so far only Bergeron has stepped it up.

      I'm still holding on to Krejci, but if his dismal production continues through this week, I'm looking to Bergeron for my C replacement until Savard comes back. Bergeron has been scoring more, and is not bad in the faceoff department.

    • I traded him for Havlat last week.

    • Savard is the only legit scorer on Boston. Thomas, Chara and Lucic are good in fantasy too, but the rest of that team feeds off Savard in the same way guys like Prospal/Dubinsky etc are banking on Gaboriks talent. Watch Kessel get under 40 points in TO, and I bet Kreicji gets maybe 50-55.

    • I drafted him and dropped him 2 weeks in. Another guy picked him up off waivers, and has now dropped him too. It doesn't bode well that when Savard got hurt, Krejci remained as the 2nd line Center while Bergeron leap-frogged him. Logic would say that Krejci would be the #1 Center with Savard on IR, but the coaching staff obviously knows something we don't.

      I'm still keeping my eye on him in case he heats back up, but the entire team is struggling to score right now. I don't think he's worth a spot at the moment.


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