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  • J.R. J.R. Oct 27, 2009 3:46 PM Flag

    Stamkos vs. Getzlaf

    A manger in one of my leagues just put Getzlaf, along with a couple of others (Stasny, Backes Kaberle, Emery), on the trading block and is looking for C and G. Since he's looking for a C in return I can only guess that he's given up on Getz. I'm actually pretty happy with my team and am holding down 1st currently, but definitely wouldn't mind acquiring Getzlaf, but I'm not willing to give up a G.

    12 team standard roto, and my team looks like this:

    C - Malkin, Stamkos, Sharp (C/RW)
    LW - Heatley, Bourque, Kariya
    RW - Alfredsson, Samuelsson, Briere(C/RW)
    D - Lidstrom, Gonchar, E. Johnson, Whitney
    G - Lundqvist, Miller, Giguere

    Here's what I'm thinking. I'm pretty set at C/RW with both Sharp and Briere dual eligible, so the two offers I'm considering sending are:

    Stamkos for Getzlaf, straight-up,


    Stamkos/Samuelsson for Getzlaf/Backes.

    Basically, I'm thinking I keep the same amount of points whether I make the trade or not, but if I do make either of the trades, I shore up PIMs, which is my primary weakness so far.

    Also wondering about taking Stamkos out of the 2 for 2 and offering Sharp or Briere instead.


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    • Just log back in. Getzlaf would be a upgrade He also has the potential for major points and high Pim's although he's starting off slow.

    • I think the point that some of you are missing in all of this Giguere talk is that he is my G3. Barring any long term injuries to Lundqvist or Miller, he'll spot start for me at best. And I think that anyone could agree that having a proven, potential #1 as your G3 ain't all that bad.

    • The point is, Giguere is on the decline. If you refuse to accept to acknowledge thise, you will see so yourself how Giguere's stats continue to decline this year and beyond.

      Back to your main point, Stamkos and Getzlaf are not on the same level. Stamkos will be an elite player and this season will seem him hitting 65-75 points. However, the difference is that Getzlaf is an established elite player and thus the value is not the same.

      No one would do that trade thinking clearly, because Getzlaf will have at least 80-90 points by years end, and is a huge ppp specialist, and gets pim's.

    • Giguere is not as bad as he was last year, and not as good as he was when they won the cup. The pads, and being on a defensive powerhouse, made him into an elite goalie, but without them he can still be a solid goalie. I see him fighting with Hiller for the #1 job....but the days of him fighting for the Vezina are done. I wouldn't completely write him off though, until he gets traded to TO. Also, Getzlaf > Stamkos.

    • You sir, are still incorrect. Most of those articles are dated BEFORE the stats I posted, giving your "pads" argument absolutely no bearing whatsoever. And MOST analysts attribute his off year last year to the distraction caused by his father's illness. Nice try....thanks for playing.

      But again, what does this have to do with Stamkos or Getzlaf?

    • Unless it's a keeper, I doubt he'd do that trade. Worth a shot though - both of them.

    • Are you telling me that you've never heard of this before??? Some hockey analysts say that his downturn from last year was because of the changes to equipment sizes.

      "The 2003 Conn Smythe trophy winner will be in the spotlight this season, since he was always perceived to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the NHL's old rules regarding goaltending equipment. A classic butterfly goaltender, Giguere relies on positional technique and size to stop the puck." (The Sports Forecaster 2005-06, p. 101)
      A group of seven GMs and former NHL goalie Kay Whitmore that discussed trimming goalie equipment at the GMs meetings. A committee of current goalies and skaters, and former goalies, will be formed to come up with size-specific goalie equipment in time for next season. Some have accused Anaheim's Jean-Sebastien Giguere of tucking his chest protector into his pants, which raises his chest protector to the crossbar when he goes into his butterfly. Wild GM Doug Risebrough noticed this last month after Giguere was pulled from a Wild game and his "equipment goes up over his ear."
      Giguere equipment under scrutiny again

      TSN.ca Staff


      Jean-Sebastien Giguere's equipment is once again drawing scrutiny. At least two NHL teams have complained to the league about Giguere's pads possibly being illegal, according to the L.A. Times.

      The complaint centers around a portion of the leg pads which cover the gap between the legs when Giguere drops down to block a shot.

      Anaheim GM Bryan Murray says he has seen photos which the league uses to monitor goalies and says no piece of equipment is blocking the five-hole.

      League officials monitor every game to check pads and equipment, comparing the game video to digital photos taken of every goaltender during training camp. Any goalie caught using illegal equipment faces a fine of $25,000 and a one game suspension.

      "The only thing the league did was ask our equipment manager to remove a quarter inch from [Giguere's] shoulder pads when they checked them during training camp," Murray tells the Times. "They did the same thing with a number of goalies.

      Murray adds that while some goalies have been warned this year about equipment, Giguere has not been singled out by the league this season.

      This is not the first time the Mighty Ducks have heard these kind of complaints. During the playoffs, teams complained about Giguere's oversized equipment in a bid to shake him off his game.

      Ironically, the complaints surfaced this year as Giguere's play has improved following a slow start.

      Do a google search for "Jean-sebastien Giguere equipment illegal"

      Do whatever you want with your pool, but don't call my comments based on nonsense or absolutely incorrect.

    • Look, don't make assertions that are absolutely incorrect and then get upset and try to defend them with nonsense when pointed out with facts that you're wrong. You claimed Giggy had been getting worse over the past few years and I used his stats to prove you wrong. Simple as that.

      And as I remember, I never asked for any opinions concerning my goaltending or Giguere. In fact, I stated that I wasn't willing to give up any goalies.

    • only an idiot would trade getz for stamkos straight up

    • Id give up giguere seeing he re-injured himself again. that might be your best option for trade. dont trade stamkos

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