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  • J.R. J.R. Oct 24, 2009 2:22 PM Flag

    Who wins this trade??

    Obviously, NO ONE since you can't "win" a trade. It's the most idiotic and annoying term used around here. It's a transaction, people, nothing more. Simply a deal made between two managers who should each think they are getting the best return for their team as a whole. There is NO SUCH THING as "winning" a transaction.

    If some of you can't grasp this concept, maybe you should just yell "In your face!! I won!!" the next time the cashier at the grocery accepts your money, too.

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    • ok. i can understand where this guy's coming from. i wouldn't go so far as to say it's an idiotic and annoying term though. people just want to get other people's opinions of the trade they are considering, so they say "win." the only thing that gets me is that if you don't know whether you want to make a trade or not, why are you managing a fantasy hockey team? if you leave it up to the message boards, then the message boards are managing your fantasy hockey team.

      oh and one time i went to get gas. i told the lady i'm filling it up and i gave her forty dollars. i went and put thirty worth of gas in. when i came in to get the change, instead of giving me ten, she gave me thirty. i won that transaction. i didn't say "in your face!!" because i didn't want her to catch on to what she did.

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      • The best trades are the ones where both can say they improved. I am weak in one position and strong in another. I find someone who is the opposite. We trade. We both won. Now somebody can look at that trade and say one player is rated higher in Yahoo than the other and think that that team "won" the trade, but it is a meaningless argument.

        And Vincent karma will catch up to you whether you know it or not. Give the woman her $20.

    • Guys don't worry he's a 34 year old guy posting on fantasy hockey message boards. Of course he's angry he's a complete failure.

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      • J.R., I'm with you, buddy. Well, I'm also a 34 year old loser who happens to win his pool every year. I used to think in terms of win/lose of a trade. I quickly realized that thinking that way gets me no further than treating fantasy hockey as gambling. It is not gambling, it is optimization, analysis, and management. Case in point:

        This week I traded away Crosby and Rinne for Eric Stall and Goalie Backstrom. Everyone in my league thinks I am retarded for trading away Crosby (a first round pick) for a third and fourth round pick. They will lose again and again and again. They lose to me every year. I'm already in fist place and it is only three weeks in.

        So, why is this a good trade for me? 'cause a number one goalie is worth his weight in gold. we have 16 players and 8 categories head-to-head. Three of the eight categories are goalie-oriented. So, if you are counting, you should look to have 3/8 of your players dedicated to goaltending. this corresponds to 6 goalies. Who here has 6 goalies on their team? No one. After the trade I have Backstrom, Miller, Thomas and Pavelec as my goalies. My goaltending crew is so much ahead in the number of starts I plan to get than everyone else in my league. That is a tremendous advantage. Crosby is a stud, sure. He WILL NOT "win" many weeks for you outright. Any one player not named Ovechkin will very seldom be the difference in your week.

        I digress. J.R. Keep up the good fight. You are being ridiculed by players the post things such as "Help!!! Trading away Penner!!!!!". WTF.

      • Ahhh....the intellectual prowess and wisdom of the 16 year old. Always highly regarded in society. And I'm not at all angry, just trying to get some of you to realize how pointless it is to think that you can "win" a trade. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you don't "win" a trade, you win a league.

        And certainly the man-child is right. People older than teenagers who post on hockey message boards must be failures in life.

        You've got a lot to learn about this world, child.

    • you can win a trade you retard
      if you trade me crosby for jay rosehill
      i win, its that simple
      and you can win in a transaction as well
      winning ia the act of doing better than the opponent
      so if you get the better deal
      you win
      learn before you speak dumbass

    • wtf is up ur ass today virgin, ur dogs dick ?!

    • that has to be the stupidist thing iv'e heard.

    • So your saying if you got offered ovechkin for someone like milan michalek you wouldn't say you "WON" the trade... it's just a rating system of how you think you did in a trade, I feel like the term is overused because most trades are about even, or work out for both teams due to filling in gaps in their teams. But yes you can say you won a trade


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