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  • dude dude Oct 14, 2009 1:09 AM Flag

    Add a G or F this week?

    In a 10-team H2H league and unsure of who I should add to my team.

    I don't have much in the way of PIMs so I'm thinking about adding Morrow..if I add him tonight I'll have him playing 3 times this week.

    I need to drop someone to add someone though.

    Also thinking about adding a goalie, specifically Niemi because of the Huet debacle and Chicago is playing 3 more games this week starting tomorrow, including a back-to-back set.

    Here's my team:
    C: Thornton, Spezza, M. Koivu
    LW: Parise, Hartnell, Huselius
    RW: Setoguchi, Selanne, Briere
    D: Rafalski, E. Johnson, Whitney, Erhoff, Doughty
    G: Brodeur, Emery

    I'm thinking about dropping Koivu since the Wild arent looking too good and I could swap Briere into Center if Spezza continues to suck..

    Hartnell hasnt gotten me any PIMs and Philly only plays once this week anyway, so thinking about adding Morrow

    However, the other guy I'm playing this week has Luongo, Rinne, and Chris Mason as his goalies and will likely get 5 starts from them this week...I on the other hand will probably get only three starts this week (Emery only plays once), so I'm thinking about adding Niemi because Chicago is unlikely to start Huet in their next 3 games

    Do you think I should scoop up Morrow and help myself to some points and PIMs? Or snag Niemi (or another goalie) and try to compete in the Wins category?

    And is Koivu definitely the guy to drop to make room for either of them?

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    • Also, I have a hunch the guy in my league that lost Vanek tonight won't overlook Morrow, so maybe I should jump on him while he's still there...

      I suppose I could then just try and trade for a 3rd goalie sometime in the future if I don't pick up Niemi or another one this week?

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      • i have kovalchuk and heatley already at LW so i traded morrow for sedin(and he accepted)figuring i can live with those 2 for 5 weeks till sedin comes back and i will have a beast LW line of kovalchuk-heatley-sedin, maybe you wan to do something along the same lines, either morrow for vanek or sedin, realizing those guys will have their best value for you during the money time(february onward) if ur comfortable with your other wingers. its just a thought, but i did it so im just conveying it to you. also with goalies try to pick up a 3rd goalie that plays when one of your 2 others has an off day so you can justify making the move since your limited to 4 per week. good luck.


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