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  • Jason T Jason T Oct 6, 2009 11:21 PM Flag

    matt from montreal

    So humor me and call it based on the players involved. DO you think its fair or lopsided.
    I need to know if this trade is fair or lopsided. Please include fair or lopsided in your answer. Team A gets Simon Gagne, Jonathan Toews, and Ray Emery. Team B gets Milan Lucic, Sheldon Souray, and Joe Thornton. Is this trade fair or lopsided for one of the teams? Please incude why in your answer. Thanks.

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    • fair

      ps im also from mtl lol
      and my middle name is matt

    • Again it always depends on a team's needs. If i have Luongo and Brodeur, WTF would I give Thornton, Souray and Lucic who'll combine to easily outscore Toews and whomever.

      As for the player involved it's fair enough. Based on past play and consensus predictions.

    • Lots of Mats in Montreal. Since I'm one I'll give it a shot.

      It's fair enough. Thornton and Toews are both top end C looking at potential 90-100ish point seasons. Toews because of progression and Thorton because of Heatley. Thorton has the ability to put up more if he really clicks with his sniper.

      Lucic and Gagne are both LW so where Gagne should get alot more points, Lucic gets more PIMs, it's also offset by Joe's point potential.

      Souray and Emery are hard to compare because they're not the same position but it's not as bad as some offer's I've seen/gotten (Toskala for Lucic). Both are wild cards in a way. Souray, his wonky wrist and shoulder. Emery his volatility. If both can keep them in check they're bound to have good/great seasons. Souray is the man in EDM and may end up leading the team in points. Emery is the only real starter in the Philly organization so he's going to see alot of ice and should have the stats to show for it.


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