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  • Matt W Matt W Sep 28, 2009 2:13 PM Flag

    Which Center is Best?

    This is largely dependent on stat categories. If SOG is a category Gomez's stock goes up dramatically.

    Personally I would run with Lecacalier, Roy, and Brassard. Stastny is a stud to be sure, but I question how successful he will be in Colorado this season. The team is crumbling around him, not to mention he is coming off of an injury plagued season himself. Too much uncertainty there. Trade him.

    Roy is the undisputed #1 C in Buffalo (unless Connolly can miraculously stay healthy for once). Brassard has too much upside to ignore, especially when lining up with Nash. The only other of this group I would consider is Gomez if you need SOG. If this is a category you need help in trade Roy/Stastny/Richards (whichever you have) to upgrade another position and pick up Gomez as your 2nd C. Richards could suprise, but I doubt he has a season better than any of the others.

    Center is too deep every year to stress out about too much, picking the players who fit your league format the best is more important than who has the "best" season. "Best" is relative in Fantasy Hockey.

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