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  • Ryan S Ryan S Sep 21, 2009 12:39 PM Flag

    Unfair trades

    I spent 2 hours doing a very deep roto draft yesterday only to find several lobsided trades today. Getzlaf for Connolly, Parise and Kane for Ladd and Svatos, etc. Seems a lot of them know each other and the commissioner has league votes as the trade veto setting. Not a lot of people log on when there's no games on the slate, so I assume the trades will go through.

    Is the only thing I can do is email the commissioner and hope for the best? I was happy with my team, but now this all seems a waste of time.

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    • I'd say wait until Wednesday or Tuesday of next week and rhen drop your good players for garbage. Just enough time to catch them off guard and have some one pick up your good players as the seasons starts.

      I e-mail a commisioner once about his league and trads and all he did was lock me out and then he locked another manager out when that manager stuck up for me. Then the dumb commisioner blamed us for not playing all year..

      Good idea on the team name. That's the one thing the commisioner has no control over - he cannot change your team name, ever. But do it before he locks out your ability to change anything which he will if you e-mail him.

    • Absolutely email the league and tell the commish he may as well get 10 different user names and play against himself...

    • I'd just do what NHL Fan suggested - change your team name to something to belittle the league, maybe even trade off your best players for garbage to other team managers - and then leave.

    • Thanks for all the input everyone.

      I'd like to just delete the team altogether, but I wasn't able to do so since the league is not in "pre-draft mode". Is there any way around this?

    • Did you spend any money on this league? If not I would get the flock out of there, you will be spinning your wheels with the commish, he is in on it or he would have the league vote on these trades, the Getzlaf trade is obvious collusion.....

    • Actually is sounds as though one person may own two teams and another person own two teams. They draft and then trade all the good players to one of their teams.

      Its definitely a tranished league and I would drop out of it if I were you. First change your team name to something ridiculous - the comish cannot change that and it will show up in the standings every day.

      Then dump al lyour good player sinto thepool and pick up all the crap players then get out of the league. There are still alot of leagues looking for managers and its not too late.

      There is nothing you can do, its free and Yahoo does not conrol the commisioners. Sorry to hear about that but there are numerous comish like that.

    • That's LAME!!!

      I don't think there is anything you can with bs like that going on.
      I'd simply dump the pool and drive it further into the ground.

      Don't waste your time, start looking for another pool.

    • If it's a custom league, and since the Commish has veto, it has to be. There bubkus you can do. E-mail the commish and hope for the best.

    • Definitely email the Commish - but it appears to be a tarnished league, may even have the commish involved. You might have to be willing to back out. Those trades are ridiculous!


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