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  • Robbie Sidhu Robbie Sidhu Sep 19, 2009 9:28 PM Flag


    I am trading away:
    Iginla, Gagne, Semin, Jokinen

    and receiving:
    Ovechkin, Hossa, Richards, Langenbrunner

    Should I pull the trigger.. ? and if so is this deal close or off by a lot?? Thanks

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    • sorry i was thinking heatly not hossa....still not a bad deal though. hossa will still put up good numbers this year. but if i remember right i think he is out for the start of the season for somthing

    • DOOOO IT

    • I wouldn't do it as is. Try and rework the deal so you can keep one of Iginla or Semin. That trade decimates your RW position.

    • you win!

      Semin is good but not as good as Ovechkin

      Iginla is a great player but imho Hosa is better. forget all that has happend and what you might think of him as a person. he is still a ligit 50 goal threat and will be playing with one of the best set up men in the nhl Joe Thornton on a high power sjs team

      what Richards? Mike or Brad? both are good and while mike is better id still rather have either of them over jokinen. but i just dont like him either.

      and while gange is a bit better than langenbrunner you win on the other 3 so you win 3 of 4 isnt a bad deal at all.

      but dont let somone make the choice for you. in the end you have to be happy with what you do so do what you feel is a good deal or youll be kicking yourself later if it dosnt work out cuz you listened to some shmuck on here.

    • I would much rather have the first deal with Iginla. It's spread out. The second one has Hossa, who's injured and Langenbrunner... I prefer having a team spread like that, because the other one, if Ovechkin goes down, you lose, big time. If he doesn't you're at best... even.

      Keep what you have.

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      • i think jokinen is on the downfall. i think iginla is good, but overrated. gagne may or may not have trouble this year. semin can be a big producer...if he stays healthy (will eventually be injured).
        on the other side, ovy has no downfalls. hossa is out until december. langenbrunner will be an average at best player. richards is good if it is mike, brad is not so good.
        my thought on it: if you have enough depth to make it until hossa comes back, id take it. BUT if not OR if you think hossa will bust (which i dont think he will with kane and toews) then dont take it. i think it all comes down to hossa.
        oh and if it is brad richards, NOT mike richards, dont take it. if it is mike than take a look.


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