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  • Shawn M Shawn M Sep 13, 2009 2:43 PM Flag

    Trade Help!

    Team A gets: Krejci, Turco, Heatley
    Team B gets: Brodeur, Carter, Burrows

    Who wins?

    I know Team B might look a bit better but here's my logic:

    Heatley playing alongside the best playmaker there is. or will Marleau play on his wing? or will one get moved to RW? Might make a big difference whether I accept it or not. I can see Heater returning to his 50+ goals alongside Big Joe, though.

    Brodeur will probably not play his usual 75-80 games after his injury last year. I also think the Devils will be battling for a bottom playoff spot (6-8). Turco I see him having a huge bounceback year and Dallas being contenders again. They definitely have the talent.

    Krejci>Burrows which doesn't need much explination.. so should I do it?

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    • Honestly I think I'd edge Team B personally. As far as fantasy stats go, Brodeur is a beast, and with Lemaire back as coach his numbers should be even better as Lemaire is a defense first kinda guy. Carter is a great scoring option, he's no Heatley by any means but he is on a team loaded with offensive support and he has been there awhile, whereas Heatley will have to find chemistry with the sharks. Like you said Krejci is a better option than Burrows, but being injured to start the season is always a worry, and he won't have a Kessel to setup in all likelyhood. Plus Turco is a big question mark, he could bounce back and play like he can, or continue his decline like last season.

    • Tough call, Heatley is probably a slightly better version of Carter, they both will put up big goals, a good plus/minus and good amount of PIMS.
      Broduer is definitely a better fantasy player than Turco, but you are right about Brodeur playing less due to the injury, and with Brent Krahn backing up in Dallas, Turco will get a lot of starts. Krejci may be better point wise than Burrows, but I think Burrows has more fantasy value. He will put up ~ 50 points, > 100 PIMS and will have a good plus/minus. Krejci had an amazing plus/minus last year and was a surprise point wise, but only had 26 PIMS. As well, his point projection is far lower this year than last, I know it's just a projection but Krejci came out of nowhere last year and isn't expected to put up the same numbers this year, but who knows. Plus Burrows is a winger, much more shallow than center.
      With that said, I don't think you should do it. I think you lose by giving up Brodeur and Burrows and only gain slightly with Heatley over Carter.

    • Krejci will not be ready for at least 6 weeks becasue of his off season hip surgery - do NOT DO THIS TRADE !


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