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  • BN BN Sep 12, 2009 9:33 AM Flag

    Ryan Shannon thoughts?

    I'm wondering if those of you in Ottawa or who follow his progress have any thoughts on his role for this season?

    Are there depth issues on where he would fit in or do you think he'll get a good opportunity?

    Do any of you have any predictions on his performance for this year?

    He's on my bench in a deep league and wondering whether to keep him to see how he performs early or look to replace him.

    Thanks in advance.

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    • Now I'm not so sure after the Heatley trade. Michalek and Cheechoo coming to Ottawa might mean more difficulty for Shannon getting a good amount of playing time.

    • Shannon was great last year for the Sens especially in the second half of the season when on the second line with Fisher and Foligno, this year he may come a bit down since Kovalev will be on the second line as well as Foligno since he is expected to progress even further in his development. This is a maybe Im not saying its guaranteed Shannon will decrease in production, he may just stay the same or even go up though the likelyhood of that is not too great.

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      • DK, Mr. Bungle and Justin, thank you for your comments. Yeah I heard he was pretty solid in the latter part of last season (I live abroad so don't get to see the games), and it is helpful to hear about his ability and potential. I will hang on and see how it goes in the early part of the season. He is essentially my worst player so I'm not worried about keeping him on my bench and using him for spot starts or days with free spots.

    • I think a player who showed the scoring touch he did last year would be snuck into a top 6 slot. The Kovalev acquisition makes that a bit tougher, but he'll get his chances regardless. I don't see a huge breakout, but I do see a nice bump upwards.

    • I've seen quite a bit of Shannon,great offensive instincts.If he keeps his top 6 spot out of training camp he could put up some decent numbers.I wouldn't count on him being consistent for 82 games,but he's a streaky player,ride it while it lasts.I'd say hes got a 40 point roof.

    • I'm a huge sens fan and was real happy with how he played last year. This year there are lots of questions though. Kovalev now has the 2nd rw spot on our depth chart and he might be playing with fisher and foligno with whom shannon had great chemistry last year. If heater is trade, we may get more assets in return which means different line mates for kovalev and that shannon, fisher and foligno will stay together. If that is the case then you can expect similar or better production to last year's. Right now i'm afraid that there are just too many questions that have yet to be answered.


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