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  • Mike Mike Sep 9, 2009 10:44 PM Flag

    4th overall pick keeper pool

    who does everyone like since the first 3 are obvious i'm leaning towards kovlchuck since he is consistant for 90 and in a contract year and lw which is a screwy catigory.

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    • Kovalchuk is negotiating an extension with Atlanta so keeping that in mind, you may want to grab someone with a stronger supporting cast (Carter, Getzlaf) or go with a top goalie (Luongo). I am a fan of the goalie, be set for the next decade, but you may be able to wait another round and grab Lundqvist or Cam Ward

    • Take Getzlaf.

    • You should take Mike Comrie! He should have a career year now that he's back on the Oil!!

      Seriously though, Comrie is the man.

    • wow matt please stop talking. every word you say is more arrogant and stupid than the last

    • Ryan and Selanne were switching between first and second line when I saw them play, although I didn't watch any Ducks game til after the break.

      I'm not saying Perry has plateaued, he's just not a lock. Saying that a player who put played 18 points above his career high last year is a lock to improve another 10 points this year just isn't right. Especially, for a grit player who doesn't really have elite offensive skills.

      And if you look Ryan only had 3 more points then Selanne last year in one less game. He's replacing a future hall of famer, not a 50 point anchor.

    • Ahhhh, insults... the last refuge of a man who can't recognize that every move a fantasy GM makes is nothing more than a hunch.

    • Kovie is a good choice since LW can be difficult position to fill and there are few goal scorers out there as good as him, however Ryan Getzlaf has risen rapidly the past few years and he would be my choice. He still has the potential to get better and should net you 100 points or close to it for the next 7-8 years since he's only 24. It depends on whether you want goals form the wing or not, there is an abundance of centers that are always available and Getzlaf doesn't score as many goals as Kovie, but players such as Bobby Ryan, Phil Kessel and Devin Setoguchi are all players you could tab for goals later on in your draft.

    • i am entirely right, and yes ryan is a huge step up from sellanne, and perry is going into his 4th season, there is NO WAY he has plateaued, he WILL continue to get better and to disagree means you dont know hockey.

      perry is more 2 way than pure goal scorer, and he is a lot of grit. the hammer the guy in the corner to free up the puck. ryan is a true goal scorer all of there output will increase this season and i cant wait to say i told you so.

      and ryan played 3rd line majority of the season, even after kunitz got traded. he played on the top line in the playoffs. so again dont talk about shit you dont know about

    • He played with Ryan half the year last year, and it's not like Ryan is that much of an improvement over Selanne and some of the other guys they had in there.

      Second as you said, he had a career year last year. He put up 18 more points than his previous career high. You don't know if he can sustain that same pace for another season. He could just be a 60 point guy that had a good year. There is a chance he could regress. If he was a guy that was always a 70 point guy and got moved to a line with Getlaf and Ryan then I'd agree he should put up 80 points, but that isn't the case.

      And the playmaker on the line is Getzlaf, who Perry played with all of last year. I don't think adding another scorer to a line guarantees a player another 10 points. Datsyuk got Hossa added to his line last year and his numbers were virtually identical to the year before.

      Stop talking down to people when you aren't even right, you're making yourself look bad.

    • LOUNGO..........but if you want a player, then Getzlaf, Carter or Green.

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