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  • Tom Tom Sep 10, 2009 6:55 PM Flag

    4th overall pick keeper pool

    He played with Ryan half the year last year, and it's not like Ryan is that much of an improvement over Selanne and some of the other guys they had in there.

    Second as you said, he had a career year last year. He put up 18 more points than his previous career high. You don't know if he can sustain that same pace for another season. He could just be a 60 point guy that had a good year. There is a chance he could regress. If he was a guy that was always a 70 point guy and got moved to a line with Getlaf and Ryan then I'd agree he should put up 80 points, but that isn't the case.

    And the playmaker on the line is Getzlaf, who Perry played with all of last year. I don't think adding another scorer to a line guarantees a player another 10 points. Datsyuk got Hossa added to his line last year and his numbers were virtually identical to the year before.

    Stop talking down to people when you aren't even right, you're making yourself look bad.


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