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  • Steve P Steve P Sep 9, 2009 7:43 AM Flag

    Tavares value

    Holy crap I am seeing quite a few drafts where Tavares is going very early. What are you guys doing??? I mean I'd like to play in your league, but come on!

    I dont undertand this logic: Taking Tavares over players such as Thornton, Savard, either Sedin, Boyle, Gonchar, Vanek, Markov, etc etc.

    Why would you gamble that a rookie will basically debut as a top 10 player in the NHL at age 18, when you could pick a guy that is basically a lock to score 80 points?

    I would argue that Striet is themost valuable Islander because he is a dman who consistantly gets 50 points. Tavares will have about met expectations if he gets 50 points and he is a FWD. And you wouldn't take striet in the 3rd round, why would you take JT?

    Hype. Kind of like Wieters in baseball this season. Everybody rushed to draft him basically asuming he was going to debut hitting .400 with a HR and 3 RBIs every game. Surprise surprise. He turned out to be average at best and basically bench material most of the season.

    Just curious....

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    • got him in 12 round. just cause want to trade him for somebody prove.
      just wondering who can i get for him..

    • I can't remember where people were taking Crosby in his rookie season, but I seem to recall that it wasn't within the first three rounds. Tavares looks like he's in a similar situation, being on a bad team where he's automatically the go-to guy. So I don't think he's going to sputter out of the gate like Stamkos did. However, I don't think he has the wheels that Crosby has, so I wouldn't expect 100 points either. This is a special special player though, and I think he'll be able to walk in and be a steady contributor. However, I wouldn't spend one of my first 4 or 5 picks on him to find out, at least not with the depth at C.

    • if you take him early your stupid...its not like he plays for pittsburgh, washington or someone good...he is the only good player on the isles...lol hes a late round pick right now...

    • Dont you ever talk baseball in here again, do you hear other people saying how long it took for the paint to dry in there kitchen.

    • I wouldn't draft him early, but look at the success of some first year players in the last few years, (Ovechkin, Crosby, Phaneuf, Lundqvist, Malkin, Stastny, Kane, Toews, Mason, list goes on...) so you can't blame people for wanting to jump on that early, especially in keeper leagues. Plus the guy broke Gretzky's OHL goals record so you know he's pretty good. I think he's going to be more like Stamkos was last year, good but not great. His skating isn't very strong so he may struggle with that...but who knows.

    • I've taken him in 7th round. I know it's quite risky but there weren't a real superstar centers available at that time. So why not?

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      • Sure, thats what I'm doing as well. Makes sense. Bit of a gamble but potential for a nice surprise.

        What some of these guys are doing is like a Blackjack player taking a card when they have 20 showing!

        Dealer: "Sir, you already have 20 (i.e. just draft Joe Thornton and take your 90 points)"

        Gambler: "But I want BLACKJACK, give me the card!!!!!!!"

        Dealer: "Jack. You bust, house wins"


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