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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 8, 2009 6:44 PM Flag

    Huge Ovechkin Trade!!!!!

    First, here is my team:

    12 Team H2H League:

    Ryan Getzlaf
    Mike Richards
    David Perron
    Kris Versteeg
    Patrick Kane
    Bobby Ryan
    Jay Bouwmeester
    Niklas Kronwall
    Cam Barker
    Lubomir Visnovsky
    Ryan Whitney
    Tom Gilbert
    Danny Briere
    Teemu Selanne
    Paul Kariya
    Steve Ott

    Carey Price
    Niklas Backstrom
    Semyon Varlamov

    Should I trade Paul Karyia, Teemu Selanne, and Ryan Getzlaf for Ovechkin. I would then move Briere to center with Richards. Should I do it? Also how is my team looking currently?
    Thank you.

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    • you guys saying this is a good trade are the idiots not the guy trading ovie. think about it, its a h2h league and you just gave up easily 200+ points to acquire 120. you lose out huge on pims by giving up getzy and all 3 of those guys are on the pp so you lose huge ppp. you are an idiot because you just down graded your team pretty badly just to have a big name. congrats.

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      • wow... just wow... I've only been playing fantasy hockey a year and I still obviously know more than you...
        first of all, how are getzy, selanne, and kariya totally THREE HUNDRED points? seriously? what are you on and where can I get it? I'm a huge ducks fan and I still can't see getzy hitting 100 points, let alone any of the others. Teemu will probably max out at 70, if that, and kariya will be lower down on the depth chart then he started last year with the emergence of all that young talent in st.louis.
        So not only are Kariya and Selanne decreasing in potential, but after dumping those 2 and picking up Ovie he can swing by free agency and, in a 12 man league, pick up 20-odd players who'll produce just as well as kariya and maybe a hair less than selanne.
        And yes, you're losing out on some PIMs by losing getzy, but Ovie gets his fair share of PIMs, and he absolutely MURDERS every other player in the NHL in shots, and he obviously gets a ton more goals, which are harder to come by than assists.
        I love getzy, but in every sense this is a ridiculous deal.
        Oh, and as I've been trying to imply throughout this rant - you sir, are an idiot.

    • yes.....do it right away. The advantage is all your's. J

    • First off- does your team have 6 active D positions or did you just draft a lot of bench D? Either way your D is pretty weak. I'm still waffling on JBO's potential, but he's definately not top 15 D, and he's your #1 D. And it just gets weaker from there.
      I love Mike Richards, he takes care of every category, but other than Getzlaf (or Ovie if you pull off the trade) you don't have a hell of a lot of PIMs.
      Your LW (sans Ovie) is *extremely* weak. Perron has got an excellent future, but he's no allstar, Versteeg is also promising but won't be near a point-a-game guy this season, and Kariya is going to be 2nd line at best with all the young talent on St.Louis.
      Your G is also circumspect - I like Backstrom but he's not going to be nearly as good as last season with the way Minny is going, and although I agree Price is better than his yahoo ranking, he's not the best #2. I wonder where you drafted Backstrom because he's not nearly as good as his ranking. I'd say he's about the #7-8th best G.
      Your RW is excellent, but its one of the few places you're getting goals from.

      That being said, I think it's more of your later round drafting that was your problem. It looks like you have 3 guys that could have easily gone in the 2nd or early 3rd round, but beyond that it gets significantly and quickly weaker.

      Just so you know I wouldn't give anyone 9 or 10/10 unless it looked like they drafted so well they couldn't lose their league, so 6-8/10 ain't bad.

    • weak lw.. both perron and versteeg are decent players.. but better suited to be a 2nd lw or a bench player.. not both of them starters... that trade would certainly help that issue though

    • Do this trade! Kariya and Selanne are not what they used to be. You really only lose Getzlaf-- the other two can be replaced off waivers/free agents.

    • How on earth are they offering this trade? Accept it before they change their mind. In a 12 team league you could easily replace either one of selanne or kariya...


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