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  • Aaron Aaron Sep 7, 2009 6:17 PM Flag

    How did I do in my draft?

    C- Stastny, Stamkos
    LW- Kovalchuk, Vanek
    RW- Franzen, Bobby Ryan
    D- Boumeester, Letang, Doughty, Bogosian,
    G- Nicklas Backstrom, Steve Mason
    Bench- Brad Boyes, Briere, Rinne, Brassard,


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    • Tom are you saying I'm wrong about Vanek? I said he was a solid LW. I think he could hit 50 goals, add about 30-35 assists and he's got 80-85 points, like I said he's capable of. I'm thinking more around 40-45 goals and 35-40 assists, maybe less. He always puts up more goals. Also, there's no right or wrong, it's all personal opinion.

    • Just wanted to point out that the one year vanek did score 84 points was 2006-07 season.
      Buffalo finished tops in the league with players such as Briere (98pts), Drury (69pts), Pominville (68pts), Roy(63pts) and Afinogenov (61pts in 56games). So... technically he did have alot of capable players to pass too...
      Anyways if you thought that your team is that good and you drafted so well, why post it and ask people to rate it...its just gonna mess with ur confidence in the team going into the season when people disagree with you...
      Just saying

    • You're wrong on Vanek. He had 32 goals in his first 52 games last year until he got hit in the face with a puck and broke his jaw. If you'd actually watch him play you'd know he gets most of his goals by using his size in close to the net, which he couldn't do while wearing the protective mask after he got back. He also has plenty of talent around him to pass him the puck. Roy averaged 45 assists over the past 3 years, Pominville has 99 in his past 2 seasons and Connolly has 61 in the past 96 games. He's supposed to be on a line with Connolly and Pominville this year who would statistically be the two best set up men on the team. There is no reason to think he won't approach the 50 goals he was on pace for last season.

    • Despite all the nay-sayers, your team isn't *that* bad. I believe kovalchuk is going to be insane this season and have been predicting a 50-55-105 season for him for awhile. There's just too many things going right in Atlanta, for the first time since Savard and Hossa are there he will actually be surrounded by decent talent, not to mention he got 23-22-45 in the last 36 games of last season.

      I think you may have drafted Franzen too high, as I don't see him getting more than 35-25-60 this year. Take a look at my 12 league team:

      C - Getzlaf, Kopitar, Stastny
      LW - Vanek, Morrow, Perron
      RW - Alfy, Hemsky, JP Dumont
      D - Bogosian, Visnovsky, Enstrom
      Util - Arnott
      G - Luongo, Lundqvist
      BN - Hodgson, Duchene, S Koivu, Mike Smith

      I'd say I beat you easily at C, RW, D and G with you having a minor edge in LW.

    • Gomez is a great setup guy, It doesn't necessarily mean him and Cammalleri will hit it off and put up huge numbers but Gomez is definitely a setup guy. Vanek is a solid LW, especially considering how shallow the position is this year, there are still good players available at that position, just not as many. Vanek could probably hit the high seventies to low eighties this year but he wont hit much higher than that.

    • I look forward to proving you wrong at the end of the year. If you think Gionta and fucking Gomez are gonna be any help to Cammelleri's numbers than I should not have even bothered listening or reading your posts. My homework has been done and would love to see what kinda team you put together.

    • You really need to do your homework, dude. Vanek has been in the NHL for four years, not three. I should just stop talking to you with that lack of research right there, but since I'm a nice guy, I'll continue to try and help you see the light.

      The point is that Vanek still doesn't have anyone to pass him the puck, so he's not going to surpass Cammalleri's numbers and Cammalleri has Gomez and Gionta in Montreal. Add to that, Iginila isn't known as a passer. He had his highest assist total ever while playing with Cammalleri. What does that tell you? Cammalleri can put the puck in the net. Cammalleri had 39 goals last season. Is that close enough to 40 for you? You're damn near hopeless, man.

    • IT's about what players are going to do this year, not last. Camelleri doesn't have Iginla to give him gimmie goals all year. Its all about position scarcity and taking LW high in this year's draft is important, as well as proven goalies. That is the strategy I have gone with and had proven to work.

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      • Dude, you're asking for people's help, and you clearly want it because you bumped your own thread after 4 entire minutes of non-response. And you did that FOUR TIMES in a TEN MINUTE span. Then, when people offered their two cents, you used it to basically tell them how wrong they are. So, do you need help, or not? You seem at least knowledgeable enough to not need to HOUND the board for info.

        Anyways, regarding Cammalleri vs. Vanek, you like Vanek, many of us like Cammalleri. I'm sure many people will agree with you. But know this: the first time Cammalleri hit 80 points, he did it while playing with Alexander Frolov and Derek Armstrong.

      • Youre right, Vaneks not over rated, nobody thinks he's good. He's just over paid.

    • Any response?

    • IT was a 12 team draft.

      You said you don't see a 3rd or 4th round draft pick. I would argue that Backstrom (G) and Mason and Frazen can all be said to be 3rd or 4th round picks. Even Vankek at the end of the year will be a top 30 player. Considering there is no depth at LW I think I did a great job getting 2 of the best. I have no idea how someone can say Vanek is overrated, that is one of the weridest thing I have ever heard. I also got Stamkos in the 10th round, and should be a huge bargain. Stansty overrated????? ARe you kidding me. A 11th round pick? He will hover 80 points. I didn't pick a Center until the 9th round and think that is the strategy to use, it is soooo deep at Center.

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      • I agree with the strategy of waiting on centers, but I don't agree with your assessments. Don't really like Stastny, he will be a big minus and has no support on his line. He's decent as a 2nd or 3rd center, but shouldn't be the player you're counting on. Briere and Brassard should both be better than Stastny.

        I'd look to trade Franzen. Briere is going to playing RW alongside Gagne and Richards this year. He'd fill in nicely there and then you can get a more reliable center for Franzen from someone desperate for a winger.

        Like the LW's and Ryan. Don't like Franzen, the centers or the dmen. Also think you could have gotten better goalies with the picks you used on them.

        If you play Boyes, Kovalchuk, Stastny and Doughty together you will never win +/-

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