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  • Tom Tom Sep 5, 2009 6:55 PM Flag

    first draft of year, how'd I do?

    C Briere
    C Connolly
    LW Vanek
    LW Tanguay
    RW Semin
    RW Ryan
    Def Green
    Def Lidstrom
    Def Jovanovsky
    Def Rivet
    G Lundqvist
    G Rinne

    bench Mike Smith, Hemsky, Carcillo, Andy McDonald

    one guy started with 7 goalies, so I'm probably well above average for the rest of the league considering Nabakov, Brodeur, Mason, Fluery, Ward and Price all went to the same guy.

    realize the center are injury risks but there is still guys like Mike Richards and Stastny on FA so I can just reload with guys with point per game upside if they go down.

    I think I took Ryan (5th) and Tanguay (9th) a round too early, but I wanted wings in those rounds and they were at the top of my list.

    pick of the draft was Lidstrom in round 6. I actually got him as low as yahoo has him ranked.

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    • how sweet would that be if mike richards was on waivers? I'd probably drop connolly for stasny, since he usually starts strong before getting hurt/getting depressed he plays for the avs and stops scoring. Either way, strong team

    • That guy with all the goalies, is his team name MadTown or something like that?? I've been in a public league with him before, he takes all the goalies then never plays for the rest of the season.

    • Get rid of Smith, if you can as quick as you can. As a whole though, a team to be happy with.

    • The guy with the goalies will stream the waiver and dominate the league. Probably.

    • Nice team. Drop Connolly for Statsny ASAP.

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      • I'd much rather have Connolly than Stastny. Maybe its that I'm a hometown guy, maybe because Stastny burned me the last 2 years.

        Regardless, Connolly is a plus, is on a better team and will get more shots. I don't really trust Stastny, there isn't much left on that team and he's going to be a big minus. Connolly will be playing between a potential 50 goal scorer and another point per game player. If I'm taking an injury risk I want the guy with the better ceiling, and thats Connolly.

    • One guy took all those goalies? Does he even have enough forwards/defenseman to fill his starting lineup? If he's trying to hoard goalies for trade bait you should agree as a league not to trade with him and screw him over, that's bull. As for you team, looks good but I think I commented before on your mock draft about injury prone players and all 3 of your centers are. That's bad news, and not one of them is a career point per game player so they aren't really worth the risk. Briere had 2 seasons at a point per game, Mcdonald has had one and Connolly has never had one...or played a full season. You mentioned the injury risk, but if Stastny starts strong he'll get scooped up quick, same goes for Richards. I know Connolly can be a big payoff but I'd almost swap Connolly for Stastny right off the bat. You have really strong wingers so I might consider trading Hemsky and a center for a proven center and another D-man. you have 4 D spots but nobody on the bench, injuries are a reality not a possibility. Someone will get hurt and you need a reserve, not to mention you could use an upgrade over Rivet or Jovo, what D man are on the FA? Solid goalies for what was left, I can't imagine anyone(other than the one guy) having a better tender lineup.

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      • Rivet is getting moved up to the first PP unit the the departure of Spacek from Buffalo. Should be good for about 35 points and 100+ PIM which is decent for your last Dman.

        The career numbers aren't as relevant as post lockout numbers.

        I don't really think McDonald is much of an injury risk. Before last year he hadn't missed a game since before the lockout. Other than an off year in 2007-2008 he has 207 points in 210 games since the lockout.

        Briere has 315 points in 319 games since the lockout. That's a point per game. He also played in 78 or more games 5 of 6 seasons before last.

        It's not like either of them are injury prone, they just happened to be injured last year.

        Connolly is injury prone, but he only missed 3 games in his first 4 seasons. It's not like he's never been healthy for a full year as you said. He also has 143 points in 165 games which would only equate to a 70 point season, but you have to consider that he was a third line center and stuck on the second power play unit until Briere and Drury left.

        Honestly, Stastny has the lowest upside of them all. He gets nothing for SOG or PIM and is going to be a big minus on a bad team. If I'm taking an injury risk player I want the guy with the biggest upside. Connolly has a lot more upside this year, and is supposed to be playing with Vanek and Pominville, where he is a lock to put up a point a game.

        And again the injury risk players are at center. 60 point centers are a dime a dozen, and if I'm diligent (which I will be) I should be able to find a 70 point player off FA. I'd also probably trade high on any of them if they start the year hot. As you said, I'm really strong at both wing and goalie, and have (arguably) the two best fantasy dman. I made sure I was strong at the weak positions, and if there is one place its ok to be shallow its center. It's extremely simple to find a decent center in season.

        If I can find the right match I'm going to move Hemsky. I was looking for a backup wing and found him around round 12 and didn't think I could pass him up.

    • bump it once.

    • just realized I'm looking really bad for SOG. Only have one player who was in the top 50 last year (Green), although Semin and Vanek should be there next year.

      I'm so low that I'd probably need two guys to make a difference. Not that great of a spot to be in, although its probably the best category to be short on.

    • GET MIKE RICHARDS NOW! He's one of the best centers out there. I'd drop Connolly for him. Statsny is a great player, but he's playing on a crappy Avalanche team.


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