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  • How important is it to draft elite defenseman and why? sorry im new to this

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    • I don't think it's necessarily important to get a top 5 or top 10 dman. I think it's more important that you just be aware you have 4 spots to fill. In one mock I didn't take a defensemen til the 8th and got three guys who were likely to put up 35-40 points and 100+ pim plus Schneider as my last guy. It's more important to just recognize when defensemen are coming off the board and make sure your third slot is filled before the dependable guys are gone. It's easy to find one sleeper or underranked player near the end to fill a spot. You get in trouble when you're looking to fill 2 or 3 spots at that point.

    • I agree with the other posts.
      Last year I had Lidstrom, Souray and Streit, (we have 3 D spots) I just had them slotted in at all times and filled the rest of my roster with forwards that I switched in and out. Even though I missed some D games, with those 3 guys I got enough D points to get me through the weeks.

      For your first 3 picks you want to pick you goalie, #1 scorer, and #1 Dman....depending on your draft position will determine in which order you chose

    • The reason why defensemen are important is because, on average, they don't score that much. You can get centers or wingers from FA that will outscore top tier defensemen, and will only be 15 or 20 points back from higher ranked players. If you have a guy like Mike Green or Lidstrom getting 70 points from a position where the other teams might have a guy getting 20 or 30, you have a significant edge.

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      • Not too mention that there are a lot less D-men that get the points that Green or Lidstrom do. I mean you could be a great shutdown D man, but not excel offensively (which doesn't help you fantasy points wise). And since most leagues have 4 D you have to play, you'd want at least one of the elite guys. So spend one of your top 3 or 4 picks on a D. Although a player like Green usually doesn't make it out of the 1st round and definitely not the 2nd round.


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