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  • Fokster Fokster Sep 4, 2009 12:21 PM Flag

    1st Live Draft ! (: Please be kind & rate !

    Hey there ya'll
    This is just like an opposite thing from the mock draft topic .
    I .. had my picks at 8 supposedly .. and i didn't really wake up on time .. by the time i got on,
    it took forever to load so i kept refreshing and all that and still nothing works .. until... one time.
    But anyways, by the time i got on, my goalies were all picked so my goalies are sorta shaky,
    i have lotsa good players, but on a good team, but i sure hope this turns out well .
    and for my D, not that well either .
    Since i didn't write down the order ... rolleyes.gif

    here's the team :

    Phaneuf(D) - not sure if he's even playing this year ): is he gonna be traded or moved to somewhere ? or are they well undercap ? huh.gif
    Grebeshkov(D) - was gonna choose niskanen/wisnewski/montador

    Varlamov - was gonna choose DiPietro, didn't see it though. not sure which was a better choice, can anyone tell me?

    Okposo(RW) - either him or it was gonna be cleary or bertuzzi

    Here's what bugging me, i think that my Ds aren't offensivley minded enough and i'm worried that i'll have some issues
    with my Goal Scoring. The assists are nice
    but ... iunno.

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